Processing . . . that’s the best word I can think of to sum up everything that happened at CHA. I’m definitely still processing it all . . . the inspiration, the fun times, the memories, the people I was able to meet, and the lessons I learned.

These girls . . . are my favorite! (I tried to fix my funky red eyes . . . thus the blue all over my face) I feel so incredibly blessed to know and work with such amazing and fun women. I had a blast with them and look forward to the next time we can hang out again!

Michelle Lanning, Me, Juliana Michaels, Amy Mitchell, Cindy Royal, and Shantaie Fowler

I have a gajillion other pictures to tide me over for awhile and I will upload a few of my favorites here over the next few days. In the meantime, I thought I would post the pages I made for the Imaginisce booth. I was so excited to see one of my pages featured as a poster on their display. FUN!

BERRYLICIOUS – I love that you can take this collection’s color schemes in so many directions . . . Primary, Red/Orange/Brown/Yellow/Green, or Lemonade colors. Super fun!



(I didn’t have the ribbon yet for this one, so I just “suggested” where I wanted it to go.)

How cute and tiny are my little Owen and Jensyn? 🙂

I discovered some new paint products that I can’t wait to try! Check back soon to see what they were.

Take care!



5 thoughts on “Processing

  1. I love your pages! I am green with envy and wish I could have been a stow away to go to CHA! I thought I would share with you a tip on red eyes—if you have a editing program and can manual or auto correct them, try taking the paint brush at about 30% in black the same size as the pupil and dab it once. Good luck!


  2. Jana, Im so thrilled to know you and to be in your favorites column!!! right back at you my friend! I miss you already 🙂

    It was a thrill for ME to see your LO on the bigger than life poster display Imaginisce had at the entrance of their booth….I can only imagine how special and wonderful that felt for YOU!!! what a total ROCK STAR you are!!!!! you have a rare talent and Im so happy that you share it with the rest of us!


  3. ohh i can’t believe that I didn’t see these before! I adore all of your new mme layouts! They are each so awesome! Oh, and I totally agree with Shantaie, that Imaginisce poster is too cool!! You are a rock star! 😀 Did they give you a poster that you can hang up in your house? lol!!


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