Viva Decor

Viva Decor (available at Hobby Lobby)

As I was walking around the floor at CHA this booth literally took my breath away. Pictures do not do this booth justice. EVERY single item in this booth was delicately decorated with Viva’s beautiful dimensional paints, gel pens, crackle paints, Glass Effect Gels, etc.

Be sure to check out the chandelier at the end of this post . . . those are not manufactured beads . . . Viva made those beautiful strands using their paints along a length of string. AMAZING!

No, the paints are not edible, but I love how they showed them off by creating this wedding cake. Cool display!

Thanks for letting me share!


5 thoughts on “Viva Decor

  1. I have never used the Viva decor products, but after seeing your post, I can’t wait to try them. I hope you have some tutorials explaining how to use them. They are awesome and so are your designers.


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