Children’s Job Chart

Last week was my birthday and I bought myself a new camera. I have been having so much fun playing with it! But my new equipment doesn’t quite fit in my old camera bag. I’ve been doing a little research around the web and found the most amazing camera bags for women, Epiphanie Bags. I ordered the Red Lola Epiphanie Bag pictured below and it’s on its way to me! I’ll let you know what I think once I get it and have a chance to use it a few times. ūüôā

I made this Children’s Job Chart a few months ago and it was featured in the September 2011 issue of Cricut Magazine.

I created the base of my Children’s Chore Chart with a simple piece of wood that I had a local cabinet shop make for me with a scrap piece of wood. The edges are routered smooth and there is a clear coat applied to protec the wood. Next, I added 5 cup hooks (available at your local home improvement center) and decorated the board using Cricut Vinyl in Raven, Burnt Umber, Yellow, and Lime Green. The stars were created using the Chore Chart Lite cartridge and the title letters are from the Cupcake Lite cartridge.

The idea behind this chore chart is that the child will have five jobs (or job cards) to work on each day. As they complete the task, they turn the card over to reveal the gold star. Everyone loves a gold star for a job well-done!

The black card base was created using the Fabulous Finds Cartridge. All other cuts are from the Chore Chart Lite cartridge. I love that the images on this cartridge are simple pictures that even a non-reader can understand! Just look at all the sweet images! Aren’t they CUTE?! Any child would enjoy using these! Maybe I should make one for myself. LOL!

As a child completes the tasks each day, set up some kind of reward system. Maybe they could earn points for each job completed. Or after so many days of completing all five jobs, your child could choose a special treat, prize, or activity.

To make the cards extra durable, laminate them using the YourStory Book Binder and Laminating Machine.

Finally, finish your Chore Chart by hot glueing a couple of magnets to the back. This allows you to display the job chart on your refrigerator, or perhaps a magnetic message board. Have fun!

Cricut Machines used: Cricut Expression, Gypsy Design Device, Your Story Book Binder & Laminating Machine
Cricut Cartridges used: Chore Chart Lite, Cupcake Lite, Fabulous Finds
Other Cricut Supplies: Cricut Vinyl (Raven, Burnt Umber, Yellow, Lime Green), Your Story Laminating Pouches
Other Supplies: Cardstock (black, white, gray, blue, light blue, orange, green, yellow), Wood board, Cup Hooks, Adhesive, Magnets, Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

If anyone is interested, I created a few Gypsy files to go along with this project separating the different layers into the colors I used. It makes it a little easier to cut everything out all at once.


***DOWNLOAD Jana’s Job Chart Card Base Gypsy¬†File Here***

***DOWNLOAD Jana’s Job Chart Images by Color Gypsy File Here***

***DOWNLOAD Jana’s Job Chart Title (Vinyl on Board) Gypsy File Here***


5 thoughts on “Children’s Job Chart

  1. Wow I am so jealous of your camera bag. This is the brand of bag I would like but I want the blue/turquoise one. I so want one, more than anything but they are expensive to have shipped over to the UK ūüė¶
    I love your chore chart and intended to make one for my 10 yr old to help encourage him to keep his room clean. You have inspired me to stop thinking about it and get on with it!
    Great blog by the way, I found it last week and have been hooked eversince.


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