I don’t think we every truly appreciate what our parents did for us until we become parents ourselves. I feel very lucky to have had the parents I did growing up. Things weren’t always perfect, but I knew, without a doubt that I was loved. My dad taught me to work hard, to do things the best way you know how, and that family is important. He would save up all of his vacation days from work and take us on amazing trips every summer. I have so many fond memories from those trips. My dad was the picture-taker in my family and taught me to love the memories recorded with a camera.

My mom was and is one of my very best friends. She put up with a lot from us kids while my dad was working three jobs. She is patient and long-suffering, and the kind of person you immediately fall in love with when you first meet her. I could never count how many hours she has spent just listening to me. She is the best sounding board and advice-giver. My mom is also the person that taught me it is important to record family memories. She kept scrapbooks for us kids growing up and even though I hated it at the time, I appreciate her making me write my own journaling in those books.

I feel lucky now that my kids have such fun grandparents. Grandparents who love to spend time with them and dote on them. They have started a new tradition of taking my kids on one-on-one dates on their birthdays. My kids LOVE it! Gramma and Grampa pick them up and take them to lunch anywhere they want to go. While they are having lunch, my mom interviews them (just like she used to do to me) and records their answers. It’s so fun to read what they say when I’m not around. 🙂 Then they take them shopping for birthday goodies and a new outfit.

I used the beautiful My Mind’s Eye Stella Rose “Gertie” collection to create this page. The flowers, title and number accent was cut using my Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine and the Flower Shoppe and Sophisticated cartridges. I cut the same rolled flower image in two different sizes and then rolled them together beginning with the smallest flower first. I scored the leaves down the center to give them a bit of dimension. Finally I spritzed them using walnut ink.

Thanks for stopping in! Have a lovely weekend!



10 thoughts on “Lucky

    1. The file folder shape is one of the recipe card tabs from the From the Kitchen cartridge. I forgot to mention that one . . . thanks for noticing. 😉 I love that cartridge for the tabs, recipe cards, and cute food and animal images!


  1. Really pretty layout! Think I’m gonna have to scraplift it since I these papers! Were the letters cut from a cricut cartridge too? Thanks for the inspiration!


  2. Today I had a good friend over and we had exactly this conversation…not understanding our parents until we ourselves become parents. And it’s funny how differently I judge things because I know how not perfect I am, that I can do what I can do but I know not to be so hard on my own parents. If that makes sense. But I am so grateful also for all that I’ve been taught by them…
    I am glad you shared this with us. Tonight with a sleeping baby in my arms I’ve spent some time here and really enjoyed the visit. I love your creations, the designs and the cut choices..not to mention the colors and papers.
    You’ve given me just the jump start to be extra super excited for my scrap weekend away coming up!

    Blessings! ~Leah


  3. Thanks for sharing such heart warming and personal story with us….
    I love love your layout and like the second commenter, I am going to have to scraplift this in the near future (do not have those papers nor the sophisticated cart—will have to get because I love those numbers)… and like the first commenter asked, which cart did you use for the file?…. have to go look it up!
    Thanks for sharing Jana!


    1. Thank you! It’s a great cartridge . . . it’s becoming a new favorite with all of the classic images and phrases. I especially love the word art! The file folder shape is a recipe card on the From the Kitchen cartridge. I love that one for the tabs and shapes, as well as the cute food and animal images. 🙂


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