You are My Sunshine

Wow! We’ve had a wild couple of days here in my hometown. We were hit by a windstorm of hurricane force category 2 winds . . . up to 78 mph. Even stronger winds in the surrounding areas. Our power was out for an entire day and the kids schools were closed both yesterday and today. We lost several huge 40 ft. plus tall trees on our property and a few pieces of soffit off of our house. We are all safe and sound and for that I am grateful. The kids and I actually had a nice day hanging out, talking, laughing, and playing cards together. The power came back on at 6:00 p.m. tonight and I think they were a little disappointed that we didn’t have to have our “sleepover” in the family room next to the gas fireplace to stay warm. They asked if we could leave the power off on purpose tomorrow and hang out together again. 🙂 Too sweet!

Our poor swingset got a little bent up from that huge tree falling on it . . . but I’m just grateful it was the playset and not our house!

Days like today are always good for the soul. They make you reflect on what and who is important in your life. I hope my kids know that they are everything to me. I don’t just love them because I have to as their mom. Hehehe! I love who they are. I enjoy being with them. They make me smile and laugh. They make life a joy to experience. I feel so lucky to be their mom.

I recently snapped a few new shots of the kids to hang in our hallway and wanted to include them in our family photo album as well. I created this page with the Lost and Found Two Sunshine collection by My Mind’s Eye. These papers are STUNNING! They are timeless and classic and just using them makes me feel like I am treating my family’s memories with that much more importance. 🙂 I have fallen in love with this color scheme and can’t wait to use these papers again.

I recently created a mini album class for My Mind’s Eye using the Lost and Found Two papers. I mixed the Sunshine and Breeze collections together and just love the way it came out! I’ll be posting those pics tomorrow if you would like to see.

Have a safe weekend!



6 thoughts on “You are My Sunshine

  1. I am glad you/family and your house are all fine. We have had winds like that here in WI, too often. It bent up our soffits too. No trees because our sub division was a farm field prior. But, in the 7 years we have lived here, we have replaced our garage door 3 times. This last time was this spring, earlier this year was the 3rd time. Sounds funny to say you have a hurricane rated door when you live in Wisconsin!! LOL Your page is just beautiful. I love all the layers and those photos are so pretty!


  2. I read about the storm and it was on the news last night. I immediately called our many friends in Pasadena and your area in UT. So glad all is well with your family. You can replace trees, but not family members! This scrapbook page layout is beautiful – color usage/tones.


  3. I’m glad you are all safe and your home is well (minus a little siding). Maybe your next layout could be called “A Winds A Blowin”. Just a thought. It also looks like you have a start to next year’s firewood.
    Your layout is so adorable. Thanks for sharing.


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