My Mind’s Eye Layouts and a Sketch

I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing a Christmas page with you today even though the holidays are over. 🙂 This is one I made using the My Mind’s Eye Lost & Found Christmas collection with photos from this year. After visiting the Eubank family on Christmas Eve, we come home and start our own little Christmas celebration as a family. This is when we gather together to exchange the presents the kids have bought for each other. It’s something my family used to do when I was a child. We would draw each other’s names, head to “King’s” at Five Points (no longer there), and find something for our sibling. Our favorite thing to do was find gag gifts for each other. 🙂 I wanted to continue this little tradition in my family because I feel it is important for the kids to think of each other. They kind of nag on each other all year long. . . it’s just what siblings do . . . so this is a great opportunity for them to think positively about each other and do something nice for each other. 🙂

After the kids exchange gifts, we give each of them a present . . . new jammies for Christmas morning. My mom and dad always did that for us as kids, and my mom said it was so that we looked good for Christmas morning pictures the next day. LOL! The kids immediately hop into their pj’s and give us a fashion show. 🙂 Next, they all run to the kitchen to prepare a plate of cookies and milk for Santa. Family prayer . . . and then tuck the kids in for a night of sugarplum dreams. 🙂 Isn’t Christmas magical? I love it!

Also today, I have my sketch and page that I created for the January My Mind’s Eye Newsletter using the Kraft Funday Everyday Fun collection.

My brother and his super cute and sweet girlfriend. 🙂

Gotta love that garland! (Oops! Sorry it’s a little skeewompus in this photo)

Thanks so much for letting me share my latest pages with you today!



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