Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Did any leprechauns play a trick on you this morning? Each year, Pat the Leprechaun visits our house and leaves a treasure hunt for the kids. It has become something they all really look forward to and they spent the afternoon yesterday making him notes, play money, a green drink, coloring pictures for him, and Owen even made him a set of shoes out of cardboard that he presented in a little Leprechaun-sized tupperware house (complete with a twig ladder, of course). 🙂 This morning they woke to find chocolate coins scattered across the notes they left him, with an envelope containing their first treasure hunt clue.

Reading the first clue

The clues lead them all over the house and yard. It becomes a crazy race, but they are good to take turns reading each clue.

 At the end of their hunt they find a green treasure waiting for each of them (green treats and doo dads). This time it was hidden in Dad’s car!


(Shamrocks from the Give a Hoot Cartridge. Several years ago I stumbled upon a program called “Riddle Me” by Living Tree Software. It comes in handy every single year.)


4 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Just now viewing your post. How absolutely darling! What a loving and fun thing to do for your youngsters…that rascally Leprechaun!!!
    GR8 Granny of 8


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