Sometimes the daily chores of life can be a bit dull for kids . . . Heck! The daily chores of life can be dull for grown-ups, too! Help make a dinnertime job a little more fun by creating these placemats with your Cricut Expression machine and the From My Kitchen cartridge.

My kids are constantly asking me, “What side does the fork go on? . . .Where does the knife go?” Now setting the table can be almost a game or a puzzle for them as they place the items in their correct spots on your new placemats. A little trick you can teach your kids to go along with this is that the word “Fork” has four letters, and so does the word “Left” . . . so the fork should be placed on the LEFT side of the plate. The words “Knife” and “Spoon” both have five letters, just like the word “Right” . . . so they should both be placed on the RIGHT side of the plate.

To create the base of each placemat, I used a 12″ x 12″ sheet of scrapbook paper for the center section. On each side I added a 4″ x 12″ strip of coordinating patterned paper. I attached them to the center section by using clear packing tape on the backside of the placemat. Next, I used 1″ x 12″ paper strips in a third patterned paper to cover the seams. When you have finished assembling your placemat, simply adhere the different shapes in their spots. Easy!

Finally, take them to your local copy store and have them laminated for durability (I didn’t laminate them yet for this post, so that there wouldn’t be a glare on them when I took the photos). They will last quite awhile and will be a fun way for your kids to learn how to help around the house. They are both FUN and FUNCTIONAL! . . . And the look pretty darn CUTE, too!

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