Cricut Lunch Notes & Feeling Kinda Old

I pulled out my sewing basket last night to help my eight-year-old daughter sew a costume for her “Around the World Puppet” and inside I have my safety pins stored in this . . .


My daughter got this puzzled look on her face, held up the canister, and asked “WHAT is this?!”

“Oh, that’s a film canister.”

“A what?!”

Yep. I had to explain to her about actual FILM in a camera . . . you know . . . from back in the OLD days. LOL!


But that’s not all! My youngest daughter who is five and a half, just came into my office, walked over to me and started rubbing my back in a consoling manner . . .

“Mom, I feel so sorry for you because you are going to die soon. I really like being with you and I wish I could be frozen with you in the grave.”

Then she skipped merrily on her way.


Now, I know I have a few wrinkles appearing, but I didn’t think I looked THAT old! 🙂


I have a school-themed project to share with you that I did for the Cricut Circle a few years ago. It was also featured in the debut issue of the Cricut Magazine . . . and I just realized that I never shared it here on my blog. These cute little notes were meant to be lunch notes to give to your children, but I also think they would make a cute gift for a teacher. What teacher couldn’t use a box full of encouraging notes to pass along to their students? Right?

Cricut Machines Used: Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter
Cricut Cartridges Used: Doodlecharms, Give a Hoot, Plantin Schoolbook
Other Supplies Used: Cardstock (Aqua, black, brown, cream, kraft, light green, orange, red), Patterned Paper (brown, green, yellow), Book Paper, Small Lunch Box (Target Dollar Spot), Variety of Ribbons, Corner Rounder, 1/8″ hole punch, Brown distressing ink, Black journaling pen, Computer & printer for wording, Various buttons, Scissors, Trimmer, Pop dots, Adhesive

Here is a closer look at each individual card.

Thanks for letting me share!

See you soon!


8 thoughts on “Cricut Lunch Notes & Feeling Kinda Old

  1. Too funny Jana! Remember the “Old” days when you had to memorize a phone number or actually dial it on a rotary phone? What would our kids think of that?

    I love the newsprint background on those adorale cards.


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