Carefree with Basic Grey PB&J

Last week I had the pleasure of creating a page and challenge for the NSD festivities on the Basic Grey Blog. I gave you a little sneak peek of my project last week, but forgot to come back and show you the entire thing. 🙂 Well, here it is! LOOOOVE this collection. I have a thing for primary colors lately . . . must be the onset of summer that has me in the mood to use these bright, fun colors. 🙂

This page design developed because I couldn’t quite decide which paper I liked best underneath my photos. I thought, “Why not split it down the middle and use both . . . one on each side?” So that is what I did. Those delicious flowers had to find a home on there somehow . . . just because I love them so much, so I decided to use them to separate each half by stacking them on top of each other.

I have always had a love affair with Basic Grey buttons and the new printed wood styles are no exception. LOVE THEM!!! I had fun with pattern play using them with the patterned flowers.

Thank heavens I’m allowed to mix so many colors and patterns on my scrapbook pages and get it out of my system that way . . . otherwise I might be one of those crazy ladies walking around town wearing a gazillion patterns myself! Patterned hat, patterned shirt, patterned pants, patterned bag, patterned shoes. Hehehe! I can just PICTURE the look on my kids’ faces if I picked them up at school wearing that get up. 🙂

The stickers from the PB&J collection make me want to pack a picnic and head for the mountains. Cute as can be! Hey, Memorial Day is just around the corner . . . sounds like I just made myself a plan.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


4 thoughts on “Carefree with Basic Grey PB&J

  1. Gorgeous layout! And I was totally going to mention that you used a TON of patterns on this layout (but you already mentioned that) but you did it SO well! Beautiful as usual! 🙂


  2. So fun! The primary colors definitely make me feel so happy, so I love PB&J, too!!! You cracked me up with your pattern madness! It’s actually subdued compared to some! But I am glad that your kids can be seen with you without embarrassment!! TFS!


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