Kids’ Cricut Craft Project

Are you looking for a way to entertain the kids this afternoon? LOL! Summer is more than halfway over and it is about this point that the phrase, “I’m BOOOORED” begins to make it’s appearance. A couple of weeks ago I was assigned to come up with a kids’ summer craft project for the Cricut Blog. So, I dug deep to my own childhood trying to remember the kinds of things I loved to create. Do you remember making paper beads? Well, I do! And your Cricut makes it a breeze! My daughter and I put together several and strung them into a necklace and bracelet along with some fun accent shapes. And here she is modeling them!


To begin this project you will need several patterned papers and/or cardstock, needle & embroidery floss, quick-drying liquid glue,  and plastic beads (if desired). Pull out what you have in your stash and let your kids experiment  . . . you might be surprised at what they come up with!

I created the paper beads by taking a plain pennant shape from the Country Life cartridge and stretching the image in Cricut Craft Room. You could also do this using your Gypsy Handheld Design Device. I also hid the holds placed at the top of the pennant so that there wouldn’t be any holes in my paper bead.  You could just trim off the small portion of the pennant shape with the holes if you don’t have a Gypsy or want to dive into Cricut Craft Room for this project.

Next, I used the flower and circle shapes from the Plantin Schoolbook Digital cartridge to make accent pieces for my paper bead necklace. I have included my Cricut Craft Room cut file at the bottom of this post for you to download and use if you would like.

Cut several “beads” using a variety of patterned papers. Next, you will need to roll up your triangle pieces to create the beads. This is very easy to do. Your kids will have a blast selecting their colors and patterns! Before rolling, I used a bone folder (or scoring tool) to burnish the paper to make it easier to roll up. Place the triangle piece on a soft pad (like a mousepad) and use the side of your tool to “soften” the paper, like this.

Beginning from the wide end of the triangle, start rolling up the paper bead. When you have rolled the bead halfway, stop and apply a light coat of quick-drying craft glue to the remaining triangle piece. Continue rolling up the paper bead and hold it in place for a few seconds as the glue dries. You now have a paper bead!

For this necklace, my daughter and I strung together several of the paper beads, adding small, plastic beads inbetween. We stacked together several circles and flowers as accent pieces. To make the flower petals curl up a bit, we burnished them with the scoring tool on the mousepad, the same we did the paper beads.

For the bracelet, we used the same paper bead, but used scissors to trim off each end to make the beads smaller.

If desired, you can add a sealant (like ModPodge) to your paper beads to protect them. And before you know it your kids will be creating necklaces and bracelets for all of their friends.

Happy Summer!

Cricut Machines Used: Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine, Cricut Craft Room
Cricut Cartridges Used: Country Life, Plantin Schoolbook – Digital
Other Supplies: Patterned Paper (My Mind’s Eye), Needle & White Embroidery Floss, Soft Pad & Bone Folder, Liquid Adhesive (Scotch Quick-Drying Tacky Glue), Plastic Beads, ModPodge (if desired)


3 thoughts on “Kids’ Cricut Craft Project

  1. This is WAY darling! Oh gosh! My little girl would just love to make this and maybe make them as gifts…thank you SO much for sharing this wonderful idea with us! Oh..and while I am writing. I am a pretty regular visitor and don’t often leave comments but need to make sure I do here and again so ya know how much your projects are liked!
    So…here’s to the Cricut!



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