Didn’t Mean to Leave Ya Hangin’

Hello Everyone! Yes! I’m still here … just busy getting back into the routine of things after a week-long vacation and school starting back up again. Are you in the mood for lots of pictures? I hope so, because I have a lot of fun ones to share with you today. If not … check back tomorrow for some project pics. 🙂 (Hey, atleast I warned ya, right?!)

We spent the last week of our summer vacation in beautiful Lake Powell. Have you heard of Lake Powell? It is a HUGE manmade lake that lies across the borders of lower Utah and upper Arizona. There is no where else like it! We had a great time! My parents have a houseboat share there and invited the family to come along. Here we are the first night having dinner together at The Pointe Marina.

The first night we slept on the houseboat in the slip and then headed out the next morning to find a spot in Navajo Canyon. Here is Maryn soaking up some sun on the roof of the houseboat before we set sail.

Maryn hopped on a waverunner with dad, and went ahead with the guys to scout out a nice place for us to beach the houseboat for the week. Thankfully, our favorite beach was available and the boys saved it for us until the houseboat made it’s way up the canyon. They found this amazing sandcastle (also pictured above) on the beach and had fun posing with it. They told all the kids that they had built it while waiting for us to come. Hehehe!

The kids had a great time playing on the beach, swimming, and catching/releasing fish with their cousins all week long.

It’s hard to tell how tall and amazing the walls of the canyons are. To give you an idea, here is a picture of Jensyn and her cousins. They swam across the way to the canyon wall to climb up on a rock ledge and jump off a few times. Yep! They are those tiny specks of people! 🙂 The water line has bleached out the rock, so in this picture  you can’t even see where the dark orange rock is yet.

In our family, five of the nine grandkids have their birthdays within two and a half weeks of each other. Jensyn and Maryn actually celebrated their birthdays while in Lake Powell. Gramma and Grampa made the celebration special by celebrating all nine of the grandkids birthdays at once. We even decorated the houseboat with streamers and balloons (can’t really see them in this picture).

Gramma also planned lots of fun crafts to keep the kids entertained when they needed a break from the sun and water.

She gave all the girls mermaid barbies and the boys shark/fish toys. The girls had so much fun changing the colors of their Mermaids’ tails in the shower. LOL!

It was such a fun trip!!!! But all things eventually come to an end … and then it was back home and back to reality with the first day of school. This is the first year ALL of my kids are in school all day. Jensyn is a 9th grader this year! (I can’t believe it!) Owen is in 6th, Maryn started 4th grade, and Camryn is a first-grader.

Thanks for letting me share! I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple of back-to-school projects. Hope to see you then!

9 thoughts on “Didn’t Mean to Leave Ya Hangin’

  1. Great to see y’all had a fun time. That looks absolutely amazing. That’s something I would love doing one of these days…We missed your posts and look forward to getting back to scrapping with ya.


  2. Love all the pictures and update. That sandcastle was amazing! Can’t wait to see you scrap them all. I have a first grader and sixth grader this year too! 🙂


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