Halloween Cricut Projects

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday! I’m not much into the scary, icky part of it … but I can’t get enough of the fun, frivolous part where kids have an opportunity to dress up as their favorite characters while gathering a few treats.

(Image from Cricut website)

On the Cricut website they have posted several ideas for two AMAZING Halloween parties, and I’m happy to say that I was fortunate to contribute a few of the ideas on the kid party. You can check out both parties by CLICKING HERE. If you would like to see the projects I created a bit closer, you can click on the links below. The great thing is that you can download the Cricut Craft Room cutting file for each project and start cutting and assembling right away. There is also a PDF instruction sheet available to print out for each project (Click “View All Steps” tab and look for then click on the orange “View Printable PDF” button. )

Witch Shoes

Jack O’Lantern Popcorn Ball

Best Costume Badges

Halloween Memory Game

Halloween Pumpkin Topiaries

Halloween Fry Box Treats


Thanks for checking them out!

Happy Halloween!


3 thoughts on “Halloween Cricut Projects

  1. Jana, I love all those projects! Wish your name was credited personally (and the other designers too!). They are all fantastic!
    Miss the blog every single day 😦 Glad I still get to see your work here πŸ™‚


  2. THANK YOU for your uplifting view of what Halloween SHOULD BE!!! Too many people brush it off because it’s an “evil” holiday but they never give thought to the fact that Halloween is what you teach your children it is…in your own words “an opportunity to dress up…while gathering a few treats!”.


  3. Love the all ideas–It’s such a darling display as a whole. πŸ™‚ Love the easy (but super cute) idea of adding the vinyl jack-o-latern face to the glass bowl!


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