The city is full of fog today … and I love it! As a child, I loved going outside in the fog and pretending that I was in a magical, mysterious world. Today it’s perfect … calm and serene and cozy feeling as I continue to work on the Christmas trees. I hope to have them finished when the kids walk in the door from school … the magic of twinkling lights to match the day. 🙂

I have a page to share with you made with the BasicGrey Serenade collection today. I love the colors of this collection. Earthy and ethereal. 🙂 I love how perfectly these papers go with the colors of the waterfalls we visited this past summer. I changed the photo of my family to black and white because they were all wearing different crazy colored jackets and I didn’t want them to distract from the beauty of the falls in the main photo.


BasicGrey Serenade Collection: Peacock Paper, Avalon Paper, Shillings Paper, Riding Habit Paper, 50 Pence Paper, Bowler Hat Paper, Element Stickers, Alphabet Stickers
Other: Cream cardstock, Black distressing ink, Cream string, Black journaling pen, Adhesives


Well, I’m off to battle the bulbs some more … the bulbs of the lights on the Christmas tree, that is. Why is there always one strand that doesn’t want to cooperate? Haa!

Have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Serenade

  1. Been there! My mom and her hubby live a 1/2 hour west of Twin Falls and when we visited them a few years back we visited Shoshone Falls. The kids had fun exploring and it’s such a different place than where we live in Illinois. Thanks for sharing your LO! I used Basic Grey to scrap our trip, but it was a while ago and a much older collection, but for the same reasons you mentioned – wonderful earthy colors!


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