California Pocket Page

It’s been a couple of weeks since I shared a Project Life style page so that is what I will be sharing today. But first, a few thoughts. I have to admit … I was very S.L.O.W. to try out this pocket style scrapping. It just didn’t appeal to me. One of the reasons I love scrapbooking is that I enjoy the process of playing with the products. The tactile enjoyment I get from it is very relaxing to me, so I just couldn’t see the point in scrapping any other way. Especially a way where I was supposed to just slip things in pockets and call it good.

So what exactly changed my mind and made me decide to give it a try? As an iPhone user, sometimes my phone is the only camera I have with me. I began to amass a series of photos that weren’t necessarily “scrap-worthy.” You know, those random photos you take with your phone that capture FANTASTIC memories, but are either poor quality, or not interesting enough to dedicate an entire page to that one topic. However, these photos still had meaning for me and my family and I wanted to find a way to organize them into our memory books. So this year, I decided to try a pocket-style album as a compliment to my other pages. My goal for this album was to give a quick overview of our year, including all of those random, but meaningful, iPhone photos. I wasn’t going to stress myself out taking a photo a day or anything like that, but I would use it to record happenings from each month.

So far, so good! I enjoy putting together this album, and I see a purpose for these kind of pages … BUT I will still admit that the process of putting these types of pages together isn’t as enjoyable for me as scrapping a good ol’12 x 12 layout. I have fun doing them, but as a traditional scrapper, I feel like they are kind of piece-y. Am I the only one that feels that way?

#1 –  I LOVE the fact that I am using up paper scraps, and random stickers and bits from my stash to decorate the photos and cards … but it takes me FOREVER to find those little bits and get them to coordinate with each other. You would probably say to me, “Just simplify. You don’t need all those bits.” But you see, … I DO! I NEED texture and interest. 🙂 It doesn’t feel like it came from ME if I don’t add them. It’s just a part of my style.

#2 – These pages are NOT faster for me. They take me just as long (if not longer) to put together as a regular two-page layout. Granted. I am covering more ground and more memories at once with the pocket style, which I like, but it still takes me a long time.

#3 – All those random photos, cards, and embellishments together are kind of messy looking to me. I’m sure that it is just me … I’m a person who can’t stand visual chaos (weird, for someone who likes adding lots of little details) so I think that is why it doesn’t chord with my scrapping spirit as much as a regular layout does. Maybe I just need to experiment with the way my pocket pages are coming together to find a more harmonious way of doing it. Hmmm. Something to experiment with…

#4 – All that being said … my family LOVES looking through this album. I’m sure they could care less how visually crazy these pages are. They just have fun reminiscing and seeing everything “at-a-glance” … and that’s why I have become a fan of pocket scrapping as a compliment to my regular scrapping. 🙂


Okay, rant over. Just thought I would get those thoughts out there. 🙂 If you’ve hung in this far … thanks for listening to me ramble. *wink* Here is our California Vacation pocket page.


The base cards mostly come from the Becky Higgins JADE Project Life Kit.  I pulled out all kinds of randomness from my stash to accent these pages. The title card has Pebbles Thickers, American Crafts Halloween Mix Tape, and a little chipboard airplane from a K&Co. set. On the picture to the right I used a script epoxy word by KI Memories. The “destination” stamp is from an old Creative Imaginations Creative Café stamp set. The “Go, See, Do” circles were punched from an Ormolu card included in the Scraptastic Club’s July 2013 This Life Noted kit. On the bottom row, I used some K&Co. Smash clips along with some OLD Heidi Swapp journaling circles.


This side has more leftovers from the July 2013 Scraptastic Club This Life Noted Kit, another Heidi Swapp journal circle for days gone WAY by, and more chipboard accents from the K&Co. chipboard travel stickers. It feels so good to find homes for these cute little doo-dads I’ve been holding onto. 🙂


Thanks for popping in to see me this weekend!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and Sunday!




8 thoughts on “California Pocket Page

  1. Hi Jana!
    I just want you to know that I agree with you 100 percent all the way!!!! You could have not said it any better. :o)
    P.S. By the way….your project life pages are some of the cutest I am seen. Most probably because of the way you like to scrapbook 12×12. :o)
    Thanks for making me feel like I am not alone in the world.


  2. I have been wrestling with this too. I love my 12x12s, but I thought I would start putting my “extra” photos in the PL album. And like your family, my granddaughters seem to really enjoy looking at those PL pages. I haven’t done a lot yet because I always get sidetracked with the photo editing process but the PL album is coming along. Although its not my favorite, I will continue doing it.


  3. Oh I totally hear you Jana!! I have not jumped on the bandwagon with this type of scrapping for the exact reasons you mentioned. The pages look too busy to me – there’s no where for my eye to rest, visually I don’t find them appealing. Too bitsy absolutely! I loooove my 12 x 12’s so much. I don’t want to scrap any other way:) I


  4. You couldn’t have put it any better! I bought all of the stuff and one page took me FOREVER! So I quit. I’m using all those cute little cards on my 12 x 12 pages. If we get a huge blizzard this winter and I’m stuck inside for days I may try again. But I doubt it.


  5. I just love your PL pages and I so agree with you on all points!!! Love that my family loves to look through the album, love to use scraps, but putting it together takes forever! Creating a PL spread takes me much longer than creating a layout!


  6. I’m glad I’m not alone in my feelings about pocket pages! I’ve done a few for my Disney albums to include a lot of pics from a single ride or event but they take me so long to complete and I’m never totally satisfied with them. Like you I love my 12/12 and all the creativity that comes making them. Glad I’m not alone.


  7. I feel like you and am glad to hear I’m not the only one. I just find it almost harder and so much less fun to scrap this way. I almost feel like it stifles my crativity which is the reason I scrapbook. I love the creative process and having the freedom to let a page go it’s own direction. I just haven’t been able to get the PL craze thing going.


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