Back to Fall

Today I am back to sharing an Autumn inspired layout. My very favorite Fall collection this year has gotta be the Persimmon collection by BasicGrey. I LOVE the shades of blue that have been incorporated alongside the traditional fall colors! If you haven’t picked up a piece or two, I highly suggest treating yourself! You won’t regret it! 😉



BasicGrey Persimmon Collection: Peach Cobbler paper, Sweet Potato paper, Pumpkin Spice paper, Apple Butter paper, Apple Crisp paper, Element Stickers, Title Stickers, Printed Chipboard Shapes, Die Cuts and Transparencies, Mixed Brads, Waterfall Theme Pack (journal card)


I snapped these fun pictures of my daughter in front of her school last year when I was picking her up for an orthodontist appointment. They turned out so cute that I think I need to make it a point to capture my kids in front of their schools each year. Wouldn’t that be fun?!  I would love to have had a picture of me as a child in front of my elementary school. It was a funky circuit-tent shaped school, and I have so many fond memories of playing with my friends on the playground, that we called the “Big Toy,” and around the grounds. I still live in the same town as that school, but the “Big Toy” has been taken down and the school has been remodeled. Even the flag pole where I wrote “Jana + (insert names of about 8 boys) and Michael J. Fox” has been replaced. Those were the days! … And now as a scrapper, I wish I had pictures of all those things. 🙂


It might even be fun to take my kids to their schools on a Saturday and just have them post in their favorite places around the school grounds. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll see if they’ll do that with me this weekend. What are you up to? Do you have any fun plans?

See you next week!



One thought on “Back to Fall

  1. Such a great layout! Love the story about your school and the pole with you and Michael J. Fox. I too had a big crush on him back in the day. My 8 year old watches the back-to-the-future trilogy over and over again so she just might have a crush on him too! I should go take a picture of my daughters at their school too. 😉


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