Love His Pecs! Hehe!

Hi Friends! The NEW Hugs & Kisses collection is out from SVG Cuts AND I have a new SVG Cuts layout to share with you. First, here is a look at the new collection. It is Valentine-themed and OH SO CUTE! This week, if you spend $9.98 or more in the SVG Cuts store you will receive this set as a FREE GIFT. CLICK HERE for more details.


My layout today features the ultra-adorable, and buff, Abominable Snowman from the Christmas Cuties collection.  I just love this little guy and couldn’t wait to use him on a winter page. I pulled out these photos of my husband plowing our driveway last year, and got to work. Here is a look at the completed page.



SVG Cuts Collections Used:






For complete instructions and cut sizes for this layout, be sure to visit THIS BLOG POST on the SVG Cuts blog. Let me show you how this page came together!

First, I began with the background. The soft red layer is cut at 11.5″ square and the teal paper is cut to 11.25″ square. Ink the edges and layer together.


For the winter scene in the background, I used the 12 x 12 “Trees” frame from the Winter Bliss SVG Collection. I used both the outside frame and inside “negative piece” of the cut. Here is a look at the complete cut before I trimmed it apart to create the scene.



I only used the bottom portion of the outer frame, cutting it as shown below.



Next, I cut the inner portion approximately 4″ from the bottom of the shape like this.




Here they are layered together and added to the page. Along the bottom edge of the page is a length of teal washi tape. This fills the gap at the bottom of the page, so that I could lift the scene a little higher on teh page and gives the figures something to stand on.


Next, I added the notebook page (from the Robin’s Return collection) and my main photo. I spelled out the title using letter stickers. The small kraft letter stickers are by BasicGrey, and the larger blue letters are an older letter sticker sheet by Bella Blvd.



Then I added the two smaller photos. I also added a tab sticker (Jenni Bowlin) and a word sticker (Tim Holtz), to the top left corner of the vertical photo.



It’s time to start adding our critters! The abominable snowman is from the Christmas Cuties collection, and the bunny is from the Hippity Hoppity collection. I used chalks to give them some dimension and then added black pearl stickers for their eyes. The bunny also gets an enamel dot nose and a twine bow.




Next, I added snowflakes cut from the Christmas in the Village set. I accented each snowflake with wood embellishments. These ones came from the September 2013 Citrus Twist Kit.



The final step was to add the journaling block and decorative brads. Here is one more look at the completed page with everything in place.


Thanks for stopping in today, and don’t forget to do a little shopping and pick up the cute NEW Hugs & Kisses SVG Collection as a free gift this week with your purchase of $9.98 or more.

See you soon!




5 thoughts on “Love His Pecs! Hehe!

  1. Jana,

    I became a fan of your work when you were designing kits for A page for all seasons and then MME.  You do amazing work! 

    I have a question for you today.  I love the die cuts you are using from SVG.  I also know that you have worked or are working with Provo Craft.  I have a Cricut Expression that I have used some, but understand legally it is not compatible with SV G cuts and I would be better able to use the cuts if I purchase a Silhouette Cameo or the Sizzix eclips and understand  #2 coming will be out in March.  Question:  Which of these machines would you sink your dollars into if you were a new purchaser and after using these machines is either one any more user friendly for someone that is technologically challenged?  I’ve never worked with computer cuts before.  This is a completely new area for me. 

      I understand Provo Craft also has a computer cuts program.  Would I be better off to invest my money there and just use my Cricut?   This business can be so confusing at times.  I am not into this from a business stand point just home use, but I also don’t want to be frustrated trying to use equipment that is way out of my league.  Do you know what I mean?  I don’t want to spend good money on frustration .  Although the $$ really isn’t the issue here.  It is just being able to work with whatever I purchase or already own. 

    I guess I am just looking for some direction from someone that has really worked with these products and could give me  help based on your experience with them  rather than from  a salesman just trying to make their next sale. 

    Thank you for you advice



    1. Hi Margene,

      Thank you so much for your kind words! And thank you for being a reader of my blog. 🙂 I’m so sorry it has taken me a bit to get back with you on this. I completely understand the confusion on the digital die cutting machines. It’s a big investment and it seems like there are so many opinions out there that it is hard to figure out what would be best for the way you create.

      I do not have a Sizzix Eclips machine so I am unable to give you an opinion on that one, but I do own multiple Cricut machines and the Silhouette Cameo. I enjoy them all for different reasons, but I will admit that I turn to my Silhouette Cameo 9 times out of 10. There are several reasons for this, but mostly, it is the quality of the cuts and the ease of use. I won’t be getting rid of my Cricut machines, because I still really love the artwork I have acquired for them, but if I had a friend that was investing in a machine for the first time, I would definitely recommend the Silhouette Cameo along with the Designer Edition Software. (This allows you more editing capability within the program and also allows you to use off-site cut files, like SVG files.) I feel like at this time, and from my knowledge of the machines in this price-point, the Silhouette gives you the most flexibility. I also love that the Silhouette Library is constantly being uploaded with new cut files (instead of waiting for cartridge releases). Also, third-party cut files are quite inexpensive (especially if you watch for sales. I also love the Silhouette Cameo because of how easy it is to search for cut files, that I can cut any font I want from my computer, and that it has a print and cut feature. To sum it up … if my Silhouette broke down today, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another one the exact same day. But, it’s a very durable machine, I don’t anticipate that happening any time soon (and I use it daily). 🙂

      That being said, Cricut has just released a new machine called the Explore. (I have not used or seen this machine in person.) There isn’t much information about it out there, but I have read that it will allow you to cut fonts and off-site cut files (and from the samples I have seen around the web, it cuts beautifully). Here are a few blog posts by other bloggers with more information. ( and … I am pretty amazed that this machine will cut leather … wow!) But, keep in mind that these bloggers probably do not own other machines to compare it to (or they aren’t willing to openly compare it to other machines because they are partners with Cricut), that they are being compensated (in one way or another) to promote Cricut, and that no matter what material it can cut, your blade will dull in a nanosecond from cutting those heavier materials. Hehe! (I personally think it’s really cool to have those options, but it is not a huge selling point for me because it’s not something I would be doing in my crafting. I’m pretty much a paper-only crafter.)

      Also, you must also use this machine with their new software, so you will need to learn a program no matter what. There is a subscription service with this machine to access Cricut artwork, but it is unclear at this time what it includes and whether or not you have to pay the monthly subscription in order to be able to use the features of the machines that allow you to cut fonts from your computer and off-site cut files. Also, from what I can gather, you need to have an internet connection to access and use the subscription files (don’t quote me on that). Cricut Craft Room is the same way. With the Silhouette software, I only need an internet to download the files when I purchase them. Once I have downloaded a file, it is mine. So … if I wanted to, I could have my program on a laptop and take it with me to use in locations without an internet connection (cabins, crops, outside, etc.)

      The Explore will be sold on HSN on February 12th. If it were me, I would watch the demos (both what I could find online as people start buying and using it and on HSN … although the HSN shows don’t really allow a good venue to show off all the capabilities of a machine) and just wait. I would watch and listen to what people have to say about it. I am especially curious to hear the opinion of the machine from a crafter who owns multiple machines. (Hmmmm … maybe I’ll buy one and review it?) I would also wait 6 to 12 months to see how Cricut updates and maintains the Cricut Design Studio art library and watch to see if the machine has any “bugs” to be worked out (past machines/programs have had issues … so it’s just something to be wary of). I am also curious to see what the customer service and updated artwork is like (in the past, if you bought a cut file from, it wasn’t available instantly, you had to wait for Cricut to update their “server” for it to show up in your account … sometimes, this would be once a week/month). Constant flow of new cut files is important to me … so if it’s something where new artwork doesn’t come out very often, that would be a downside for me. One of their selling points is that you will be able to purchase ready-to-create projects. This doesn’t entice me very much at this point because I like to design my own things. Also, so far, the projects I have seen are so simple in style, that they just don’t appeal to me … but, they might appeal to someone else.

      As far as the Silhouette software is concerned, I haven’t found it difficult to learn. But I’m pretty comfortable with computers and I’m the type of personality that just plays around with everything until I figure it out. The great thing is that if I want to know something more specific, there are a gazillion tutorials about the program on the Silhouette blog, or you can find several made by other Silhouette users with a search. There are also classes you can take through third-party crafters (I think Kristina Werner and Lori Whitlock both have classes for this machine). I don’t think I have learned half of what I can do with the program, but I don’t feel like I need to. I am enjoying using this machine by knowing what I do know. If a special need arises or when I’m ready to learn more, it’s nice to know that I can just look around the web and the Silhouette site to find that information.

      You can also access the Silhouette software now, download it and play around in it without owning a machine. It might be worth doing to see if it is something you like. While you are there, start collecting the free weekly cut files into your account. 🙂 (I also collect the free daily cut files at SVG Cuts also has a great section of free designs that are available all the time.) If you want to get an idea of what kinds of files are on the Silhouette site, go to

      I hope some of this information has been helpful. I no longer work for Cricut, and I do not work for Silhouette either. These are my honest, non-affiliated opinions. 🙂 I wish you all the best in deciding which machine will be best for you!

      Take care!


  2. I love this layout! It’s so fun and the color palette is pretty! I have to also say that your tutorial is awesome! I have never seen anyone do this with a layout – and so fun to see the process!


  3. I’m a little late in catching up on your blog! I love coming by and just looking around really!
    On my noncreative moments it’s fun to fill up on inspiration!
    I adore all the projects but am posting on this one in particular because I think it’s really sweet
    to see a “hubby page”. Our boys are so special to us and it’s wonderful to have them a star in
    our pages (wether they want to be or not! LOL!)
    Thanks for sharing your creations with us! Hope you and your family the best in this new year
    (and really…the whole year! =) Thought I’d also say I agree with your review on products above! =)

    Take care, Leah


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