Now & Then Izzy

I love the colors of the My Mind’s Eye Now & Then Izzy collection. The collection also includes brand-new-to-My Mind’s Eye small flair pins. Even though their name says they are “small” these are actually a little larger than your typical flair buttons. I adore them! They are a fun size to switch things up a bit. I cut out the viewmaster circles from one of the patterned papers in the collection and accented the center of each one with a pin.




This photo is a snapshot of my son a few moments before his friends arrived for an impromptu birthday party. I thought it would be a good picture to go along with a list of the things he liked at the moment.


My Mind’s Eye Now & Then Izzy Collection: Smart paper, Dapper paper, Regard paper, Flair Pins, Enamel Shapes, Mixed Bag, 3×4 pack, Decorative Brads, Label Stickers, Buttons, 12×12 Chipboard

Thanks for coming by!


3 thoughts on “Now & Then Izzy

  1. I love what you did with those Viewmaster circles. That is an embellishment/motif that stumps me, and I can’t believe I never thought to just put something else in the center instead of using them as Viewmasters. Thanks!


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