Winter Ice Storm

I have lived in Utah all of my life, and last year was the first time ever I had experienced an ice storm. Being the wife of a weatherman, we were quite fascinated by it all. I was amazed at how incapacitating it was. We couldn’t even walk out of our house! Here’s a page recording this once-in-a-lifetime Utah storm.



I used the September 2013 Citrus Twist kit to scrap this page. The colors of this kit felt wintry to me and so I hadn’t used this kit until now. I was inspired by the polaroid paper in the kit and decided to cut one of the lengths out to use as a border strip on my page. Each little square is accented with the fun embellishments from the kit. The colorful feather was the handmade embellishment included in the kit that month. I die cut an additional feather with my Silhouette Cameo to go with it, so that it would have a friend. πŸ™‚


I wanted to place my title on top of the bottom photo, but it was getting lost in the pattern of the ice. I grabbed a label shape from my stash drawer from a Teresa Collins paper I had used for an earlier project. It was the perfect size and shape!

I hope you are staying warm this winter! I know a lot of people don’t particularly enjoy the winter months, but I like that it is a time for me to cozy up inside and get some scrapping done.

Talk to you again soon!



2 thoughts on “Winter Ice Storm

  1. Jana, this is so pretty!!! I like the little border strip you stapled to your page too. It is kind of reminiscent of the patterns in the ice.

    We had something like that in the Twin Cities back in the very early 80’s. I was in Jr. high and remember having a snow day off and wanting to go ice skating in the street. My mother wouldn’t allow me to. LOL Lately, we have had more -40F days than I ever can remember. There were two other times, Jan. 1996 and Jan. 1997, but this extreme cold did keep coming and going. Back then, it was a couple of days and then it was back to the normal January weather. Today is another snow day because of the temps. Possibly tomorrow too. 😦 This up and down weather has to go. Friday, it was about 30 above out! We get one nice day every one to two weeks then this cold stuff. Spring can’t come soon enough.


  2. Love the picture with all the embellies and layers. My sister and I were talking just Saturday about the photo corners and how we needed to use them more. The colors are wonderful for making the ice in the picture “pop”

    Here in the Dallas area we usually get ice instead of snow. When it hits, it sounds like little hail and the last ice storm we had did a number on all the big trees around here. After the storm, you could walk outside and hear sounds like shooting at a gun range but it was tree limbs cracking and breaking.

    Glad you stayed warm and busy!


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