Overtaken by a Puppy

Good morning, Friends! The past week has been an adventurous one for my family … on a bit of a whim, we decided to add another dog to our family. (Okay … I admit it … it was me who wanted a puppy. Hehe!) We found a little designer mutt puppy (MorkiePom) locally and immediately fell in love with her fuzzy face. Her mother is a YorkiePom (1/2 Yorkie, 1/2 Pomeranian) and her father is a purebred Maltese. Here are a few snapshots of her I took in my office this morning so I could share her with you (thus, the funny lighting).


Guess swho she reminds me of …


Yep, that little face reminds me of the Lorax. LOL! I was joking that we could name her “Seuss-y” … but we ended up naming her Sadie. 🙂 (Our second choice was “Winnie the Poof” Hehe!)


Because this little girl was the “bee in my bonnet” I’ve been doing a lot of the puppy mothering and teaching this past week. I’ve had dogs all my life, so I knew she would need a lot of attention, but what I underestimated was all of the attention my other dog, Kiki, would need, too. They are getting along really well. Kiki isn’t too keen on a puppy nipping at her, trying to get her to play, but she really likes running around the yard with her. I won’t be leaving those two completely alone for another month or so, because I want to make sure they really know each other first. 🙂


Another thing I kind of forgot about was how much a puppy likes to CHEW on everything while their little teeth are sore. Here she is gnawing on a box in my office for a few moments while trying to get her to sit still for some pictures. She likes to have a taste of everything! We are teaching her that it’s not okay to taste people and a few other things, and she is getting better, but … it’s … just … too … hard … to … resist … sometimes! Hee!

So, I am on puppy mommy duty … checking to make sure she is safe, teaching her the ins and outs of things, giving her attention as she adjusts to our family-pack, giving my 7 yr. old dog lots of attention, and making sure that my house and kids’ appendages are still intact among all the puppy chaos. If my appearance here on my blog is spotty this week, you will know why.


We all adore our little pirahna/werewolf/puppy and are having a lot of fun with her. I’m sure I’ll have more pics to share soon. 😀


On the scrappy front of things, I have a new project that went up on the 3 Birds Blog yesterday. Here is a little sneaky-peek, but be sure to come on over and see what we have going on for our National Scrapbook Day celebration all week long. 🙂


Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Overtaken by a Puppy

  1. Oh she is adorable!!! And you are so right!! She does look like the Lorax!! hee!hee! Enjoy your new puppy. We too have a new pup. Except he isn’t quite as little. 😉 We found a Aussie. We love the herding dogs (we have had 3 shelties over the last 25 yrs), but fell in love with the Australian Shepherd a handful or so years ago at the MN State fair. He will be the biggest dog we have every had. But we love our little for now blue merle Aussie. They are time consuming little things. He keeps us on our toes. He is pretty good. I have a bunch of pics on my facebook page. 😉


  2. Yes, she DOES look like a Lorax lol!!!!!! Adorably fur-baby!!!!!! Good luck keeping her out of your scrapbooking supplies! It’s already obvious that, like my pets, she loves getting/sending packages of goodies!


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