Off to HSN! and Nifty Gifties: Part 1

Hi Friends!

I’m on my way to HSN in Florida with Lisa Bearnson, but thought I would pop on and show you a few more things you can make with the NEW Nifty Gifties Tie It On Kit (one of the new products Lisa will be selling).

I LOVE these kits. They make giving a gift card a bit more creative and personal, because let’s face it, giving gift cards seems so impersonal, BUT there are a LOT of people who request them as gifts. They are perfect for those teens who just want money to go shopping, or for the person who is so hard to buy for because they seem to already have everything. These are also great to say thank you to teachers, business associates, or clients. I love that there are little coupons and cards included in the kit so you can write a little note to the recipient.



Give someone a round of applause for a job well done or a bit accomplishment in their life. I purchased this hand-clapper at the Dollar Tree, but have also seen them at party stores.



A gift for dad to his favorite store, restaurant, car wash, or golf course perhaps? 🙂



How about a mug shaped card?





Or a happy treat to say thanks to a friend.




I’ll be back with more ideas tomorrow! See you then!




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