Check it out! Silhouette Deal at!

I use my Silhouette Cameo on almost every single page I create these days. I LOVE IT! Die cutting is my favorite technique and this tool makes it a breeze. If you like die cutting, too, and have been wanting to invest in a Silhouette Portrait or Silhouette Cameo, be sure to check out these screaming deals at right now. Who knows how long these prices will last?! AND on top of that they have FLEX PAY. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Happy Shopping!

Silhouette Portrait Bundle $143.96


Silhouette Cameo Bundle $215.96




3 thoughts on “Check it out! Silhouette Deal at!

  1. I just checked out the cameo on HSN and they are charging $269.95 You are saying they are selling it for $215.96. Where did you get that price?

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  2. Sorry I saw your reply but now cannot find it. If you scroll down this page you have it for $215. I do apologize if I am reading this wrong.

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  3. Jana I have not heard back from your email. I know you may be busy than I thought that maybe my email may have offended you. If so I do want to apologize. I know that some people who run these sites get a lot of back lash. On one of my other site the lady who ran the site just had a very bad experience. You ladies who run these site are great for what you do. So if I have said something to offend you I am so very sorry. One thing bad about email you cannot see the person and there face


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