Reorganizing in My Scraproom

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After scrapping all of those Halloween pages last month, it got me thinking about how I store my supplies.

You see, I have always stored all of my Halloween and Christmas items together in a container. I love it! When I’m ready to scrap those holidays, I just pull down those containers and get to work. I don’t need to search my sticker bins, paper bins, embellishment bins, and stamp bins separately for Halloween items, because they are already stored together.

(Here’s a peek into my Halloween/Fall bin)


It got me thinking … why don’t I do that for more of my supplies? Not just Halloween and Christmas?

I got a bee in my bonnet and decided it was worth a try. I got out all of my paper and stickers/die cuts and started to think about how I could categorize them together.

Previously, I had my cardstock organized by color and paper organized roughly by manufacturer. This worked for me during my design team days when I had to scrapbook by manufacturer, but it’s different for me now.

Themed Collections (Still needs cuter labels! 🙂 )


I decided to keep collections together that I still wanted to use together (paper/embellishments) and organize them into themes of how I would search for them. The themes I categorized them by are Fall/Halloween, Winter/Christmas, Love/Valentine, Flowers/Spring, Summer/Travel, Family/Pets, Boy, Girl, School, Camping/Outdoors, Patriotic, and Birthday.

I did the same thing with my embellishments. So now, I can grab the Love/Spring/Floral paper holder, and the Love/Spring/Floral embellishment box and get to work.

(Here is a peek into the Love/Spring/Floral bin)


For collections that are more general and can be used for anything, I categorized them into color families: Primaries, Brights, Pastels, and Muted/Neutrals.

For older paper collections that I’m ready to break up and mix together, I organized them by color alongside my cardstock. I looked through each piece of paper one-by-one, decided which side of the paper I was more likely to use, and then filed it under that color. In most cases, these are the “B-side” of the papers.



“So, where do you put papers with multiple colors? Or embellishments that are more general in nature and can be used for any occasion?” you might be asking.

For papers with lots of “personality” or multiple colors I decided to place them into their own section. They are separated roughly into color families: primaries, brights, pastels, and muted. Embellishments are the same way.

A sample of the papers placed in the Primary Personality Paper section.


Brights/Pastels Color Bin


Primary Color Bin


Muted/Neutrals Color Bin


If I would like, I can also pull down the color bins along with a theme bin. For example, the Spring Bin with the Pastel/Brights bin.

Now, I have NO IDEA if this is going to work out for me. (For all I know, I’ll be changing it all back two months from now.) But, I think it is worth a try! I feel like I forget about a lot of my supplies, and I’m hoping that categorizing them differently will help me to come across them more often and remember to use them. I will let you know how it goes. 😉

Have you stored your supplies like this? Has it worked for you? I would love to hear your tips and tricks!

For my next few posts, I’ll be sharing Fall scrapbook layouts using my Fall paper and embellishment bins. I hope to see you then!

Thanks for coming by!


10 thoughts on “Reorganizing in My Scraproom

  1. So much fun to see you posting regularly. This post will help many with their organizing. This is somewhat like my supplies organization and I love it this way. Don’t have as much tho! Hope you like this new plan.


  2. I’m having some serious paper envy, here! Not to mention your fantastic storage cabinet! Where did you get that?

    I’m more of a general/paper crafter than a scrapper specifically, so I have a huge variety of supplies, but not so much of any one thing. My paper is sorted by size, then type, then color. My other supplies like stickers and pre-cut paper are stored in see-through pencil boxes by theme. More often than not I end up custom creating stickers and paper bits with my Silhouette Cameo instead of digging in what I already have, though.


  3. Yes, I have organized most of my scrapbook products by themes for years. I was going to attach a photo, but do not see a way of doing that here. My extensive stash is organized by themes into baskets, as well as colors (cardstock and patterned papers separately), as are ribbons and other embellishments that do not ‘scream’ a theme when I initially look at them. My extensive collection of 3 Birds products, Inspired Inc., and now my growing Anthology by Lisa Bearnson collections are also sorted this way, but kept together by kit and brand. Thanks for sharing your studio and organizational methods. I need to update my own studio photos on my blog as well. Have a great November!


  4. I, too, have some of my papers/embellishments/etc. divided into themes, but I’m not so great about getting the rest of my stash into color-coded organization. Love what you presented. I need to concentrate on getting more organized by color 🙂


  5. Looks like an awesome way to organize. I have a new space in our new home and don’t even know where to begin…so thanks for the idea!


  6. I’ve tried to organize my papers by color, and I have my holiday and season stickers, ribbons,embellies etc in new pizza for each holiday or season. At the time, the flat shape fit my lateral storage needs. Now, I wish I had nice, plastic containers similar to yours. I have found it so simple and time saving to just grab a box that holds all of the holiday embellies in one place! No more searching for ribbon one place, buttons or stacked stickers somewhere else.


  7. Thank you for sharing. Storage and organization has always been a big challenge for me. I love the idea of organizing by theme. I too separate Halloween and Christmas in separate storage bins. However I agree that I too need to consider doing other themes in the same style.

    Thank You,


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