Pocket Pages with Noel Mignon “Golden Delicious” Daily Diary Kit

Happy Sunday, Friends! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! It has been so beautiful here in Utah. I just love this time of year!

I am back designing with the Noel Mignon Design Team and I’m so happy about it! I have missed designing with Noel’s amazing kits.

My first post went up on the Noel Mignon Blog today. I got both of the kits for myself, and decided to start first with the Golden Delicious Daily Diary Kit. I don’t have as many fall pocket pages to catch up on, so I figured that when I was finished with the pages I wanted to make, I could take what was left and mix it in with the Classic kit when I go to make my pages.


Here is the first page I made, catching up on more Halloween from 2014.


I had so much fun with the Simple Stories Pumpkin Spice included with this collection. I have a new addiction … the Simple Stories stick-on brads. I must have been living under a rock, because these little doo-dads are FABULOUS! I love how you can just stick ’em on, no poking holes. I had fun with them, obviously, because they are on almost every picture of the left side of the page. Ha!


On the left page, I included 4 vertical 4×6″ photos. I trimmed each of them to 3″ wide and used the patterned side of the cards as photo mats. I love the cute mix of patterns in this collection!


The right side of the spread is mostly random photos. So I decided to have some fun decorating the 3×4 cards.

I created a little scene on the with a 2×2 card and die cuts on the green journal block, adding in a few enamel dots from my stash.

I typed my journaling on the yellow birdie card, including a phrase die cut and small sticker.


But my favorite card that I made for this page was the Family/Home card. I built a stack of words with the letter stickers and brads, and filled in the spaces with the small icon stickers. I think it turned out adorable!


Next, up is another Halloween spread for my 2014 album.



We always seem to wait until the last minute to carve our pumpkins. Last year we actually carved them the Halloween morning! Yikes! Our kitchen is a bit dark, leaving a blue cast to the photos despite my attempts to correct it in the editing process.

I chose to use the cards with mostly orange and yellow. This really helped to warm those pictures up!


I used bits of stickers, die cuts and brads from the kit to give each card a little more detail. I also really love to use washi tape as a “pattern” and add strips of it to the bottom of my photos.


The right side of the page uses a vertically formatted page protector. All four of the 4×6 spots were filled with photos, so I decided to have some fun with the center strip of 3×4 cards.


I didn’t want the larger 4×6 photos to overpower the page, so I decided to make the bottom two 3×4 spots look like one large 4×6 card. I did this by using the 2×2 F-A-L-L letter squares to build a “title” card that has the same look of a 4×6 card.


In the past, I have always used my handwriting on my pocket page cards. But for my 2014 album I switched over to using a typewriter. There are a few reasons for this.

  1. I love the way it looks! It’s just so charming … mistakes and all. There is no “undo” button on a vintage typewriter. 😀
  2. I love the consistent look it gives the album overall. Pocket pages lean towards the chaotic-looking side with all of the different little cards butting up to each other. The type-written journaling ties them all together.
  3. It allows me to fit more of the story into a smaller space.
  4. It’s sentimental for me. 🙂


You see, last year I inherited my late grandfather’s typewriter. He was a traveling salesman, but in his spare time he would draw pictures of horses and write poetry on this typewriter. I love that I am using a tool that my grandpa used. He used it to be creative with his poetry, and I’m using it to be creative with my memory-keeping. It’s so cool to feel connected that way! (THANK YOU to my mom and her siblings for allowing me this precious gift! I LOVE it! And will cherish it always!)

I just love old things. It even comes in this cool, worn-down case.


And a few more detail shots, just for fun.

JanaEubank_Typewriter3 JanaEubank_Typewriter4 JanaEubank_Typewriter5 JanaEubank_Typewriter6 JanaEubank_Typewriter7

Thanks so much for letting me share!

Have a beautiful day!



3 thoughts on “Pocket Pages with Noel Mignon “Golden Delicious” Daily Diary Kit

  1. Hi Jana, I have followed you for years and love your work!! I am always trying to “Janasize” my pages. It’s so nice to see you back!!


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