Cricut “Something to Celebrate” Party

I was recently going through my digital files cleaning out things that I no longer needed to keep and stumbled across a birthday party set that I created for Cricut back in 2012. They never used it, and so I figured, why not share it with all of you here on my blog?

This set uses one of my favorite cartridges by Cricut, Something to Celebrate. It is full of sweet images that make my creative heart happy! The paper collection used for this set is an oldie (but goodie) by Carta Bella Paper called Alphabet Junction.

First, set the mood for your party and get everyone excited for the occasion by sending out a fun invitation. I know, I know … a lot of people are texting or emailing party information these days, but I think it’s so much fun to receive something tangible. Even if you just drop the invitation by their home, instead of mailing it. My kids love receiving invitations! They carry them around the house for days in anticipation of getting to go and spend time with their friends!


Next, make some fun decorations for the party space. Even a banner draped across the mantle or hung over a window will make the day feel “different” than any other day.


Make the guest of honor really feel loved by giving her a fun crown to wear! I cut out a crown image and then simply hot glued it to a headband. Add a little trim and wah-la! Your birthday princess is ready to shine!


Kick those cupcakes up a notch by poking a cupcake topper into each one. Keep it simple with printables found online, or get more elaborate if you would like. Either way, it will help your table feel more festive!


Finally, one of my favorite elements of a good party … the favor bags! Let each guest know that you appreciate them coming to your party by sending them home with a specially wrapped treat. I always label them with the guest’s name and hand them out as they are going home so they have something fun to look forward to as they are leaving.


Do you love to throw a party? What are your best birthday planning tips?

See you again soon!


4 thoughts on “Cricut “Something to Celebrate” Party

  1. Wow! These turned out so cute! I can tell a lot of love went into these. I love all your button details! 🙂

    I usually make our own invites, party favors and banners too, but I have nothing started this year and both my girls birthdays are right around the corner. They may be getting everything store bought this year. 😉 I’d like to do something special for my one daughter though who is turning 16 in two months, but I’m feeling out of time and ideas…


  2. Thank you, Mendi! I can totally relate! All of my kids have their birthdays in the summer, so it gets crazy trying to plan out all the details for each one. My daughter actually had a party this past week and I did most everything from the dollar store, only personalizing the sand bucket party favors with their names in vinyl. And you know what?!! It was just as fun and special! I think we beat ourselves up as crafty people sometimes, because we enjoy creating the details. It’s FUN for US! I know personally I feel like I am expressing my love to them that way, but there isn’t always time! And that is OKAY!!! They will feel special and have fun all the same. The same decorations and details can be accomplished with things found elsewhere, even the Dollar Store! LOL! The most important thing is that they have fun and know that we love them! Thank you for always leaving me such sweet comments! I appreciate it so much! Much love and warm hugs!!!


  3. Hi, i was searching for images and ideas on this particular cricut cartridge “something to celebrate” because I wasn’t to convince to purchase it. I came across your article and let me say that you turned my least favorite into my all time favorite now. You brought those images to life! You made Wonderful party pieces and it also shows they been made with love. Thank you so much for the inspiration. My daughter is 9months old and can’t wait to do something like this one day for her as well 🙂
    Keep inspiring,
    Marisol R.


    1. Wow! Thank you, Marisol, for your very sweet comment! You made my day! I’m so happy that you feel inspired. It’s definitely a fun cartridge to play with. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and leave a comment. That is a rare thing these days and I always appreciate the feedback and interaction. 😀 Have fun!


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