Scrapbook Room Tour Video

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing the Scrap Gals Facebook Group Page (If you’re not yet a member … come join us! It’s a great place to be!). They were discussing scrapbook rooms and my friend, Tracie Claiborne, asked me to link up some photos of my room.

I realized that it has been TWO YEARS since I have posted anything about my space, so I thought I would put together video tour for you.

First, here are a few still shots, so you can get an idea of the overall layout of my space. If you’d like to see my drawers and cupboards in more details, I go through them in the videos below.

If you have any questions about my space, let me know! I’d be happy to answer them for you!

Jana Eubank Scrapbook Room 1 600eJana Eubank Scrapbook Room 2 600eJana Eubank Scrapbook Room 3 600eJana Eubank Scrapbook Room 4 600eJana Eubank Scrapbook Room 5 600e



Thanks for coming by!


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19 thoughts on “Scrapbook Room Tour Video

  1. Gorgeous! And well organized. My craft room will be finished sometime in April and I can’t wait to have my own room! Too many projects on hold for too many months.

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  2. Thank you, Mary! We found the fabric at a local store that specialized in home decor fabric. I wish I had more info to give you … so sorry! Hope you find something similar that you like!


  3. Thank you Jana! I’ve always loved your space and it was so fun getting to take a closer look. Watching this made me realize I’m dying to find some time to weed some stuff out and make my room pile free again. 🙂 I saw several blasts from my past in your stash that I held onto as well. I thought it was funny that you store your finished cards in the same IKEA boxes I do and I’m so sad they discontinued them because I would love to have more… I guess I just need to be better about mailing out my finished cards to make room. 😉 Big hugs!


    1. Thank you so much, Mendi! I still have more weeding out to do, as well. I think our creative minds have a hard time of letting go of things at times, because we can always picture an item’s potential. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the tour! Thank you for always leaving me such kind comments! xoxo


  4. Great room Jana! I do have a couple questions: did you get rid of your cricut and where do you store your finished 12 x 12 albums?


    1. Thank you, Jill! No, I definitely did not get rid of my Cricut. I still love all my cartridges and images; however, I do not use them as often as my Silhouette. Just outside of my craft room we have a landing area that has a desk and cupboards. This is where my kids work on their homework. I keep my Cricut in one of the cabinets along with my “albums in progress.” My completed albums are in our basement family room in the entertainment center.

      I am working on a video to show all of this and explain my album organization a little more. Watch for that within the next week or so! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me! 🙂


  5. Where did you find your cabinets? I’m looking to put in a craft room in my home but am having a hard time finding cabinets, especially ones with lots of drawers. I love what you did with your space.


    1. Hi, Cheryl! How exciting that you are working on putting in a craft room! I had my cabinets custom-made by a local cabinet company when we built our house. Have fun planning your space!


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