Flexing My Declutter Muscle

Are you on a spring cleaning kick lately like I am? I have only just begun, but it seems like one of the things I am constantly reevaluating are my creative supplies.

I love my supplies! I love having them. I love creating things from my stash. But there comes a time when the amount of things I have starts to overwhelm my creative process and I know I need to purge.

The problem is that as a creative person I can see the “potential” in everything, so I have a hard time letting go of items I haven’t had a chance to use, even if I have had it for several years. I am trying to be better at mixing older things with newer things, using newer items right away, and matching my rate of shopping for new things to the rate of my consumption.

I recently came across a series of three videos about decluttering and purging by the amazing Origami Twist on YouTube. Her thoughts about culling our collection really hit home for me, and I have been able to give myself a bit more “breathing room” in my space.

My favorite phrase she said in the first vidoe is that each time we use our declutter muscle it will get stronger.

I FEEL that! I purged several things a month ago, but I decided to go through my stash again … and it’s true! I can feel my declutter muscle getting stronger.

I am being more realistic about the things I will truly get around to using, and more willing to pass things on to someone who will give those items a loving “home” and allow their “purpose” to be fulfilled, as well.

I have included all three videos below, if you would like to see them. They really are incredible and I suggest investing the time into watching all three.

The third video about HOW to actually MOVE the stuff out after you have decided to purge was just as ground-breaking to me, as the two about WHAT to purge.

I think you will enjoy these as much as I did!

Have a great week! and Happy Spring Cleaning!


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3 thoughts on “Flexing My Declutter Muscle

  1. Can’t wait to watch the videos, Jana! My scraproom is a disaster area. I mean, I know where everything is located, but there is just toooooo much of it. Most of the time I don’t even remember I have things that I could possibly be using on a page. I must get into the declutter mode. I hoping these videos will be a help to me. Thank you!


  2. Thank you for sharing. I watched all three while I worked today and I left feeling very inspired. Now just to find the time to carve out a couple days to do it all (sadly not an easy feat while working 80+ hours a week). I too suffer from the issue of knowing I can create something fun with so many of my products, but I must be more realistic about what I actually will get around to using someday. I loved the idea of asking ourselves “Would I buy this again today?” In fact I really need to do this in so many areas of my home, but then it makes me feel like I should have a garage sale which stresses me out even more. LOL! 🙂


  3. The videos were well worth watching. Thanks for sharing. The best advice was to ask yourself, “Would I buy it today at full price?” Like you, I have plenty of space, however I have too much I’ll never use. My firsties love making a mess with it during indoor recess:)


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