Back-to-School Survival Kits for Teen Girls

For my church, I teach a group of Young Women between the ages of 12 and 14. Each Wednesday night we get together for an activity. Last night I was in charge of planning our activity. I wanted to do something for Back to School and after browsing around the web a bit I came across an idea for DIY Locker Accessories. Instead of creating the mirrors, etc. I went with Tausha’s idea at the bottom of the post to create Back-to-School survival kits.

Mine came together a bit differently, so I thought I would share with you what we did.

First, instead of the snack container, I used a sliding pencil case. I liked the fact that these were already opaque and had pattern/color to them, so that we wouldn’t have to do much decorating. I created the labels with my Silhouette machine. The font I used is called Bernard MT Condensed. I assembled the vinyl labels for the girls ahead of time, so all they needed to do was adhere to the label to the front and then decorate with stickers. (The puffy stickers were purchased at the Dollar Tree at the beginning of the summer. I couldn’t find them there yesterday, but they had other cute ones you could use instead.)

The pencil case slides out and holds everything neatly in place. The pencil cases are the perfect size for the girls to slip into their backpacks or lockers. Here is what is inside ….

An extra pen and pencil, hand sanitizer, maxi pad (for those unplanned events), chapstick, pack of gum, a little chocolate (for those days where you need a little pick-me-up), a small container (decorated with washi tape) to hold emergency Advil or allergy medicine, and a small ziplock bag holding a few bandages, safety pins, bobby pins, hair elastics, nail file, and fashion tape. (I found the fashion tape¬†at JoAnn’s by the register — it helps with several things: keeping a bra strap/blouse in place, temporarily fixing a hem, etc.)

Instead of a contact case for the medicine, I bought a set of bead containers. They were $10 for 30 of them . . . use a coupon to make it less expensive. ūüôā¬†The girls had fun decorating the outside of the containers with a strip of¬†washi tape. For the lid, I cut white cardstock circles with my Silhouette machine ahead of time. The girls layered two small strips of washi tape over the circle and then trimmed the excess off with a pair of scissors. The circle¬†gets tucked up inside the lid and stays in place without any adhesive. Easy peasy!

These were so much fun to put together! The girls really loved it! Gosh, I’m thinking I might put one together for myself . . . how great would this be to have tucked inside your purse for everyday?!

Happy crafting!