Using a Favorite Page Design Twice

Have you ever had so much fun creating a page that you wouldn’t mind making it again? Well, I say, go for it!

For example, last fall I submitted the following page to Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine. They liked the page, but asked if I could recreate it in a two-page format for their readers. I did exactly that, with different photos, and now I have two pages finished in my albums.



And here is quick snapshot of the two-pager …


The photos are from different years, so they won’t be right next to each other in our albums. I’m willing to bet that someone looking through our albums, including my kids and husband, will be none the wiser! It feels great to “kill two birds with one stone,” so to speak, and complete two great layouts for our books.

Have you tried this approach on any of your pages? This same thought process would also be a great way to convert one page sketches to two-page sketches when you are looking for inspiration.

Give it a go and let me know what you think!

Have a great week!


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More Fun with the eBrush!

This Wednesday is Craft Day at HSN and I will be there in the background with Lisa Bearnson to help with her shows. If you’d like to tune in here are Lisa’s showtimes.

lisa hsn blog JUNE230

Last month Lisa debuted the Craftwell eBrush Airbrush machine on HSN. Thanks to all of you it sold out! But it will be back again this Wednesday. If you didn’t catch it the first time and would like to see what it’s all about be sure to tune in! I’ve shared a few of my projects with you HERE and HERE using the eBrush machine. Here are some more things I created.

First, a few paper projects.


I created the sunset background for this card by using scraps of paper as masks. First, I cut a wavy border and sprayed tan along the bottom for the sand. I flipped the wavy strip over to cover the sand and then sprayed the top left corner of the card with yellow. Next, I used a punch circle as a mask for the sun by placing it over the yellow mist I just put down. Then, I used orange, pink and purple sprayed in concentric circles out from the sun mask, softly blending the colors into one another (I hope I’m making sense here). It was so much fun to do! Everything else on this card was cut out using my Silhouette Cameo machine with black glitter cardstock. Then, I finished it all off with a few metal flower embellishments from a past Basic Grey collection.



On this page, I used the eBrush to mist each of the hearts, giving them a dimensional look by holding the eBrush closer to the hearts along the edges.




I also used the eBrush to dress up the word “EYES” in the title and the hearts in the middle of the glasses.




Next up is a bunch of fabric projects! And no, the permanent markers I used to spray do not wash out. The eBrush comes with 6 different adaptors for popular markers you have in your stash. For the ones that didn’t fit exactly, I just used a bit of masking tape or washi tape around the barrel of the pen to make it fit. Hehe! (Hint, Hint: You can buy an AWESOME set of knock-off Sharpie pens in 24 colors for $12 at Walgreens … PERFECT for projects like these!)

Here are some fun projects I created for babies … onesies and bibs! Awwww! So cute!







I found this butterfly clip made out of feathers at Michaels’ and had fun spraying it up with the eBrush.


Look how cute it looks pinned to this little canvas bag (striped sprayed with the eBrush).


Here is another mini canvas bag that I turned into  a gift for teacher.


Speaking of gifts, here are a couple of fun gift packaging ideas.


I sprayed a plain white gift bag in a variegated rainbow. Then I cut out the flower and butterflies using my Silhouette Cameo machine. The center of the flower looks more realistic with a spray of yellow in the flower center.




Here is another paper flower.




I used the eBrush to create an ombre effect on the sides of this gift box, and then sprayed the edges of my paper flower (created with the Silhouette Cameo machine).




How about some home decor projects?




This project was inspired by THIS beautifully airbrushed cake that I found through Pinterest. I can’t wait to set this on my table in my entry way this Christmas!



One of the coolest things you can do with the eBrush machine is to use food safe marker pens! Again, depending on the brand you buy, you may have to tape up the barrel of the pen to get it to fit snug in one of the adaptors, but the Wilton pens fit great in the Sharpie attachment (if I’m remembering correctly). Here are some fun food items (smooth surfaces work best) I made with the food color pens! Now, I am not a food crafter, but I can know I will definitely be using this machine once in awhile for birthdays, etc. So FUN!


I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out the mask for this flower using THIS design from the Silhouette Cameo store. I simply hid the sections for each color so I could spray the leaves by them selves, the flower, and then the entire flower (so I could cover it and do the blue background).





A simple heart on a cupcake for Valentine’s Day.


Or use your Silhouette Cameo machine to trace a logo or custom image. I used light blue for the entire logo and then gave the appearance of a darker blue around the edges, by misting the edges with a purple food marker.



You can even add color to the white writing of a premade cake from the bakery.



These cupcakes get a rainbow effect. The HSN letters a sprayed onto Necco candy wafers. using a letter mask created on my Cameo machine.




Here is the same idea using Valentine colors of pink and red. Again, the hearts were sprayed onto Necco Candy Wafers using the negative shape of a heart cut in cardstock as a mask (punches are perfectly sized for this).




I hope you enjoyed seeing what you can make using the NEW eBrush from Craftwell. Be sure to watch Lisa on HSN this Wednesday for a live demonstration of this fun machine!


Everyday Washi Tape

This past week was “Decorative Tape Week” on the My Mind’s Eye blog. For my post, I decided to share a few everyday uses for decorative tape that you may not have thought of before. There really are so many uses for the tapes, which makes them a versatile supply to have in your  stash! I especially like the splash of fun color they give everyday items around my house. Here are a few ideas that you might want to give a go!
At the beginning of the school year, I bought each of my kids a  large pack of mechanical pencils. The barrel of the pencils are white  … which makes them the perfect canvas for some decorative tape fun.  Check out the pencils now!
Before: Plain Jane Pencils
Jana Eubank for MME
After: Happy, Colorful Pencils! Yay!
Jana Eubank for MME
I love using containers to organize my scrapbook supplies. But as  my stash grows and changes, I often switch around the contents to adapt  to my different needs. I needed a way quick and easy way to label my  containers that wouldn’t take a lot of time or be too permanent. Decorative tape to the rescue! The low tack adhesive  on the tapes make them ideal for this purpose. Here is what you will  need: your favorite My Mind’s Eye decorative tapes, a piece of  cardstock, a computer & printer, and a permanent marker.
First, type the words that you would like on your labels in a  clear, easy-to-read font. Print the words onto a sheet of cardstock.
Jana Eubank for MME Apply decorative tape over the words, centering the words top to  bottom. This is easy to do because of the tape’s semi-transparent  quality. Use a black permanent marker to trace the words onto the  decorative tape.
Jana Eubank for MME Finally, peel the tape off the paper and apply to your storage containers. Voilaaaa! Easy and FAST! … and CUTE to boot!
Jana Eubank for MME
Recently, I created a study binder to use at church. I created a  divider for each monthly topic using cardstock and my Silhouette  Electronic Cutting Machine. The dividers are functional, but I know that over time the holes on each divider will begin to wear down and possibly tear. I needed a way to reinforce the holes, so I again pulled out my decorative tapes.
Jana Eubank for MMEJana Eubank for MME
I ran a length of tape down both sides of the punched holes and  then used my craft knife to carefully trim the excess from the holes. I  love the fun punch of pattern the tapes add to my study book! Do I dare  say that the tape makes it more fun to study? 🙂
Jana Eubank for MME
While I love my decorative tapes, I needed a good way to store  them. Previously, they were all tossed in a box together, but I had to  dig through the box and I couldn’t easily find the colors or patterns I  needed. Here is a great way to store all of your decorative tapes using an upcycled cardboard, aluminum foil or wax paper container.
Jana Eubank for MME
First, cut a wood dowel a little larger than the width of your  container. Next, use white gesso to paint the box and the dowel. Using a punched circle as a template (find a size that is slightly larger than  your dowel), trace the circle onto each end of the box. Use a craft knife to cut out the holes.
Jana Eubank for MME
If desired, use patterned paper to line the inside of the box.  Decorate the outside of your box. I used decorative tapes and a label  that would indicate the colors inside the box.
Jana Eubank for MME
Next, add your rolls of tape to the box, and insert the dowel  through the center of the box, threading the tapes on the dowel as you  go. The box stays closed with the help of a Sticky Back Velcro dot.
Jana Eubank for MME
I love my box! My tapes are now stored neatly in my desk drawer by  color and the serrated edge of the box makes using the tapes a breeze!
Thanks for letting me share these ideas with you today! I hope you found some useful ways to use decorative tapes.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Creative Spaces Volume 2 Giveaway!

It’s that time of year where we pull down the holiday decorations and think to ourselves, “This place needs some organizing and decluttering!” I’m willing to bet that you’ve thought about cleaning out your scrap space, as well. I know I have! (Check out the bottom of this post to see my latest organization project.)

Creating Keepsakes magazine has read our minds again! Today marks the day that Creative Spaces Volume 2 is available! YAY! Now you will have all kinds of ideas at your fingertips to inspire you as you plan out your renewed space. Even better, Creating Keepsakes has allowed me the pleasure of giving away a copy to one of my readers! All you need to do is comment on this post by Sunday, January 13th, 2013. I will announce the randomly selected winner next Monday, January 14th. Or purchase your own copy NOW at the Creating Keepsakes website HERE. Take a SNEAK PEEK look at the issue by CLICKING HERE.


There are lots of opportunities to win this new issue. Be sure to check out the Creating Keepsakes Blog for more information.

Did you know that my scrapbook space was featured in Creative Spaces Volume 1? It was such an honor! If you want even more ideas, be sure to pick up Creative Spaces Volume 1 while you’re shopping for Volume 2!


Along with everyone else I have been doing a little bit of organizing in my own creative space. Here is a look at my latest organization project.

Over the years, I have acquired a growing collection of embossing folders. I LOVE them! I have them all organized alphabetically in boxes, but it is quite cumbersome to flip through them to remind myself what patterns I have. Soooo …. I decided to create a reference book for myself. I purchased baseball card sheet protectors and a standard binder.


Next, I used my computer to create 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards with the names of each of my folders on them. I included the company, folder name, and size of the folder. Then I embossed each of the cards with the corresponding folder.


I LOVE my book! Having each card in it’s own slot allows me to see the front AND back of the pattern easily. I can group similar patterns together for easy comparison, and I can pull out the sample cards and hold them up to my project to see which pattern will work best. It’s been a great system. I hope you’ll give it a try! Here is a peak at a few more pages of my book.



Happy Scrapping!