American Crafts: Hand Lettering

I love exploring my creativity in all kinds of ways and have really enjoyed expanding my horizon into the world of hand-lettering with the help of Kelly Creates by American Crafts. I have been practicing with the “Learn Brush Lettering” workbook  and the Kelly Creates Black Brush Pens.
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps 1 600
While I am building and honing my new skills, I can still have success with the Kelly Creates Traceable stamps!
I have been wanting to try my hand at bullet journaling and decided to give it a go using a Kelly Creates Practice Journal and Practice Journal Insert.
First, I made myself a Habit Tracker spread for the month of April. It looks like I did the hand-lettering across the top, doesn’t it?! No, I’m not quite that good yet … so the Traceable Stamps come in handy. Keep reading below to see how I used them!
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps 5 600
Next, I wanted to create a spot to write down my TO DO list each day. I decided on a two-page spread for each week of the month. On the left side of the spread, I will write my personal list, and on the right side, I will write my work list for each day.
I used the Months stamps to add “April” to the top of the page, and then added the Days of the Week down the left side.
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps 2 600
It’s tough to see in the photo above, but if you look carefully at the photo below, you will notice that I stamped the days of the week in a very, light gray ink. I used a Multicolored Brush Pen to letter on top of the stamped image; allowing me to get a great result and practice my lettering at the same time!
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps 3 600
I had so much fun creating my little set up, that I went right ahead into May, changing the color to a blue Multicolor Brush Pen for the new month. I used the Quotes stamps to add encouraging sentiments to the top of each page. I then used the fine-tipped black pen from the Here & There Detail Doodlers to fill in the rest of the details.
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps 7 600
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps 6 600
I LOVE that I was able to get such beautiful, hand-lettered results by tracing the stamped images for my bullet journal pages … but that’s not all the stamps can be used for! Try using them as stamped sentiments on your other projects!
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps Tussie Mussies 1 600
When I think of spring, I think of May Day Tussie Mussies … and Bridal and Baby showers. I combined the two ideas together here by using the One Canoe Two Twilight collection to create Bridal Shower Favor Cones. Wouldn’t these be fun to fill with elegant treats for your bridal shower?!
I used the Kelly Creates Wedding Traceable Stamps to create stamped banners for each cone, but you could easily replace the “Bride & Groom” with another sentiment, fill them with flowers and leave them on someone’s front door for May Day!
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps Tussie Mussies 4 600
I love how beautiful and elegant these turned out. They would look gorgeous spread out on a tray for your guests to take home.
Jana Eubank American Crafts Kelly Creates Hand Lettering Stamps Tussie Mussies 2 600
So are you ready to try out hand-lettering?! I promise, with the help of the Kelly Creates, you will have beautiful results in no time. Enjoy!

“Stitched Ribbon Set” cut file by Megan Hardy Designs
(Design #40799 in the Silhouette Design Store)
“3D Flower” cut file by Jamie Cripps
(Design #76790 in the Silhouette Design Store)
“3D Large Leaf Vine” cut file by Alaa’K
(Design #200483 in the Silhouette Design Store)
“3D Handled Cone Box” cut file by Jamie Cripps
(Design #67343 in the Silhouette Design Store)
White String
Gray Distressing Ink
Ranger “Raincloud” Ink


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Spring Cards!

I’m not a huge cardmaker, but once in awhile I like to scoop up the scraps and stickers I have on my desk after creating a project and see what I can come up with. Today I have a couple of cards for you created from the Photoplay Paper Spring in My Garden collection.  Enjoy!

Jana Eubank Photoplay Paper Spring Garden Spring Cards 1 600Jana Eubank Photoplay Paper Spring Garden Spring Cards 2 600Jana Eubank Photoplay Paper Spring Garden Spring Cards 3 600


Have a great weekend!


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Studying His Word with Creative Devotion

Hi Friends! If you love studying your scriptures, you may just love the new Creative Devotion line by American Crafts!
Every morning I start my day by reading my scriptures and journaling what is on my heart and mind. I have found the Creative Devotion collection a PERFECT tool in helping me to make these moments of my day even that much more meaningful … especially as a creative person that enjoys the “hands on” and visual side of things. PLUS! It’s FUN!!!
The variety of pens and stickers available have made it so much fun to underline my favorite passages and write the impressions I have as I read. I especially love the gold Embossed Scripture Words stickers. I find that when I study this way, I understand and retain what I have read better and connect with the passages on a deeper level.
I really love the stamps, too! Especially the journaling lines stamps. They are the perfect size to fit in the blank outer column of my bible.
I use the ruler to keep my underlining straight. My favorite pens for underlining are the erasable pens. The colors are eye-catching, but if I make a mistake, I can easily correct it.
I have been using the beautiful Prayer Journal to write more of my spiritual thoughts as I study my favorite talks. I used the Ball Point Journaling Pens for the main body of my journaling, but then added headlines with the colorful Fineliner Water Soluble Pens.
In the front of the journal I wrote a one of my favorite quotes to help keep me focused on my goals. I decorated this page by using the Stencils; doodling the shapes with the black Fineliner Water Soluble Pen and then adding a bit of color with the Gel Crayons. I added some stamping with the splatter and butterfly stamps from the Praise Acrylic Stamps set.
I love beginning my day with the scriptures and incorporating my need to be creative during my study time with the Creative Devotion products! Give it a try! It’s a lot of fun!


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Dusting Off the Flower Punches

The other day I was poking through the punches in my stash when I came across all of my flower punches. I thought to myself, “Wow! I haven’t used these for awhile!”

I grabbed some scraps I had laying on my desk and spent the next hour punching, curling petals, and combining shapes onto simple brads.

I had forgotten how much I love making paper flowers! It was a blast!

Jana Eubank Grateful Card 2 600

I even created a couple more flowers with my Silhouette Cameo machine.

Next, I grouped them all together on my desk for a quick snapshot. I loved the way they looked so much that right then and there I hot glued them to a card front.

I stamped out a simple sentiment from the Stampin’ Up Remarkable You stamp set … added a few die cut leaves using the Echo Park Spring Flowers Die … and called it good! Simple kraft colored photo corners finish it off.

I left my little creation out on my desk and have been enjoying it ever since!

Jana Eubank Grateful Card 1 600

What tools in your craft room have you been neglecting lately? Pull them out and put them to use … I’m willing to bet that you will have a great time and remember how much you love using them!

Have a great day!

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