Silhouette: Halloween Party!

It’s October! It’s October! It’s October!!!

(Can you tell it is my favorite month of the year?!!)

And that means it is time to start thinking about my favorite holiday … Halloween!

Silhouette asked me to create a series of Halloween projects, and here is what I came up with … a fun Halloween party set-up!



Let’s take a closer look at each piece, shall we?!

First, we have a fun little place setting.


Silhouette Design Store Cuts:
PLATE: Circles by Hero Arts (Design #33746), 3 Decorative Circles by Lori Whitlock (Design #28278), and Trick or Treat by Sarah Bailey (Design #49258)
SPIDER CUP: Spider Drink Sleeve by Sweet Afton (Design #99936), Eyes for Spider: Spider by Jennifer Wambach (Design #32666)
CROW MUG: Crown & Jack O Lantern by Sophie Gallo (Design #148544), Hello Thought Bubble by Loni Stevens (Design #30952), Akuru Popu Font for the words

I found all of these pieces at Dollar Tree. I thought it would be fun to dress them up for a fun Halloween dinner.


I decorated the plate with vinyl. I know the vinyl won’t last forever, but it will definitely last for a party!


The glass gets a spider treatment. Isn’t he so creepy and cute?!jana-eubank-silhouette-halloween-place-setting-4

Warm up on Halloween night with a mug of hot cider decorated with this friendly and talkative crow. You could even decorate a mug and fill it with candy to give to someone for a sweet Halloween treat.

Once your table is set, place a giant candy wrapper box on the plate of each guest. Inside you can place goodies and spooky toys.


Silhouette Design Store Cuts:
CANDY WRAPPER: Scalloped Hexagon Candy Box by Nilmara Quintela (Design #95157)

I decorated the sides of the candy wrapper boxes with various patterned papers and then tied them closed with colorful ribbons.


I created the tag for each box by creating a stamp with my Silhouette Mint stamp making machine. This machine is so fun and EASY to use. And I love that it is so easy to add multiple ink colors to the stamped design.


Decorate the table with more cute dimensional boxes and treat boxes, like this pumpkin …


Silhouette Design Store Cuts:
PUMPKIN: 3D Pumpkin Gift Box by Pretty Paper Pretty Ribbons (Design #101261)


… and these Haunted Houses.


Silhouette Design Store Cuts:
HAUNTED HOUSE TREAT BOX: 3D Haunted House Treat Box by Lori Whitlock (Design #93700), Nesting Pinked Circles by Sarah Hurley (Design #38854)

The “Trick or Treat” circle was also created using my Silhouette Mint machine and would look so cute on all kinds of projects!


Do you need a costume for the big day? How about this darling black cat mask?


Silhouette Design Store Cuts:
CAT MASK: Cat Mask by Tanya Batrak (Design #71834)

Finally, what’s Halloween without the glow of candles?  Create a series of lanterns to line the center of your dinner table. When you use battery-powered candles inside the lanterns you don’t have to worry about managing them, or the potential of starting a fire.

This lantern was made from a treat box cut. Instead of patterned paper placed in the spiderweb openings, I placed plastic, transparent office folders.


Silhouette Design Store Cuts:
SPIDERWEB LANTERN: Spider Web Tent Top by Samantha Walker (Design #49791), Spider by Wayne Kalama (Design #66648), 3D Rolled Rose Flower by Jamie Cripps (Design #55884), and Leafy Flourish by Hero Arts (Design #12350)

The front and side is decorated with a spooky, dimensional spider …


and beautiful roses and vines.


Are you planning a Halloween party at your home this year? Now is the time to start planning and creating. The decorations and details are what will set your party apart.


Happy Halloween!


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Jungle Themed Baby Shower Banner

Last month I held a baby shower in my home for a girl whose family is very special to me. It was a lovely night celebrating a very special mom-to-be and a very special baby boy.

I created this banner to decorate my mantle and needed to share it with you because it is made using the super-cute cut files by



I used a basic pennant banner shape as the base for each panel and then used the animals from the Lettering Delights Welcome to the Jungle Cut Set. The vines on the monkey, rhino, and elephant panels are from the Nancy’s Buddies Cut Set.


I also layered together a couple of punched hearts on the rhino panel and added some gems here-and-there on the giraffe and rhino panels for a bit of sparkle.


The banner was threaded together using jute string. In between each panel I added some knotted ribbons (American Crafts) and a large wood button from the Michael’s Dollar Bins.

Finally, I wanted the banner to have a layered feel, so I created a garland of jungle leaves to hang behind it. I cut this from a tropical leaf shape (Design #12444 by Jamie Koay) I found in the Silhouette Design Store and dotted cardstock by Bazzill that I purchased in packs at the American Crafts Warehouse Sale. Nothing complicated, just leaf cut outs strung on a piece of jute. Easy peasy!

You could create a matching invitation using the Lettering Delights Welcome to the Jungle graphics or you can do what I did (because I was short on time) and find one online that coordinates. I did THIS ONE that I found from JessicasInvites on Etsy.

I also found some free printables online that I used to create labels for all the different pies I served to the guests. The font I used here is the ZP Catawampus font by Lettering Delights.



I did happen to find some coordinating Jungle Baby Shower plates (didn’t get a picture of those) at Birthday Direct (Jungle Babies Baby Shower Party Goods). Everything looked so darling together!

My favorite game to play at a baby shower is one that my mom stumbled across somewhere pre-internet days. It’s a matching game. It’s great because you’re not tasting baby food or anything disgusting like that … however, it’s clever and the guests can be involved without too much thinking power.

I hang the words and numbers to cover the words on a big board we created YEARS ago using plastic adhesive hooks. It works well, because the guests can call out a couple of numbers, I uncover them Vanna-White-Style, … if they make a match, they receive a coordinating candy bar, and if not, we just cover the words up again for the next person to choose from. Here is a picture of the board.



And here is a list of the baby shower words we use with the coordinating candy bars. The guests always get a chuckle out of how the candy bars “go with” the baby shower words.

  • NURSING – Milky Way
  • BOTTLE – Baby Bottle Pops
  • NINE MONTHS – Rocky Road
  • UMBILICAL CORD – Long Licorice Rope (these are hard to find these days, but gas stations are your best bet)
  • EPIDURAL – Life Savers
  • OB/GYN – Butterfinger
  • CONTRACTIONS – Whoppers
  • BABY NAMES – Whatchamacallit
  • PACIFIER – Ring Pops
  • DIAPERS – Raisinets
  • HOSPITAL BILL – 100 Grand

Finally, I always love to hand something to the guests as a THANK YOU as they head back home. This time I was expecting 40+ guests, so it had to be something inexpensive. I bagged up some Dollar Tree popcorn (yummy stuff!) and created a tag on my Silhouette Cameo using the Lettering Delights Nancy’s Buddies images. Behind the tag, I tied on a smaller jungle leaf (cut out at the same time as the larger garland jungle leaves in a space leftover on the sheet).



If you have a baby shower in your future, I hope this has given you some fun ideas to get started. I always have a blast putting together parties … decorating is my favorite part! Of course! 😀

Have a great weekend!


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More Fun with the eBrush!

This Wednesday is Craft Day at HSN and I will be there in the background with Lisa Bearnson to help with her shows. If you’d like to tune in here are Lisa’s showtimes.

lisa hsn blog JUNE230

Last month Lisa debuted the Craftwell eBrush Airbrush machine on HSN. Thanks to all of you it sold out! But it will be back again this Wednesday. If you didn’t catch it the first time and would like to see what it’s all about be sure to tune in! I’ve shared a few of my projects with you HERE and HERE using the eBrush machine. Here are some more things I created.

First, a few paper projects.


I created the sunset background for this card by using scraps of paper as masks. First, I cut a wavy border and sprayed tan along the bottom for the sand. I flipped the wavy strip over to cover the sand and then sprayed the top left corner of the card with yellow. Next, I used a punch circle as a mask for the sun by placing it over the yellow mist I just put down. Then, I used orange, pink and purple sprayed in concentric circles out from the sun mask, softly blending the colors into one another (I hope I’m making sense here). It was so much fun to do! Everything else on this card was cut out using my Silhouette Cameo machine with black glitter cardstock. Then, I finished it all off with a few metal flower embellishments from a past Basic Grey collection.



On this page, I used the eBrush to mist each of the hearts, giving them a dimensional look by holding the eBrush closer to the hearts along the edges.




I also used the eBrush to dress up the word “EYES” in the title and the hearts in the middle of the glasses.




Next up is a bunch of fabric projects! And no, the permanent markers I used to spray do not wash out. The eBrush comes with 6 different adaptors for popular markers you have in your stash. For the ones that didn’t fit exactly, I just used a bit of masking tape or washi tape around the barrel of the pen to make it fit. Hehe! (Hint, Hint: You can buy an AWESOME set of knock-off Sharpie pens in 24 colors for $12 at Walgreens … PERFECT for projects like these!)

Here are some fun projects I created for babies … onesies and bibs! Awwww! So cute!







I found this butterfly clip made out of feathers at Michaels’ and had fun spraying it up with the eBrush.


Look how cute it looks pinned to this little canvas bag (striped sprayed with the eBrush).


Here is another mini canvas bag that I turned into  a gift for teacher.


Speaking of gifts, here are a couple of fun gift packaging ideas.


I sprayed a plain white gift bag in a variegated rainbow. Then I cut out the flower and butterflies using my Silhouette Cameo machine. The center of the flower looks more realistic with a spray of yellow in the flower center.




Here is another paper flower.




I used the eBrush to create an ombre effect on the sides of this gift box, and then sprayed the edges of my paper flower (created with the Silhouette Cameo machine).




How about some home decor projects?




This project was inspired by THIS beautifully airbrushed cake that I found through Pinterest. I can’t wait to set this on my table in my entry way this Christmas!



One of the coolest things you can do with the eBrush machine is to use food safe marker pens! Again, depending on the brand you buy, you may have to tape up the barrel of the pen to get it to fit snug in one of the adaptors, but the Wilton pens fit great in the Sharpie attachment (if I’m remembering correctly). Here are some fun food items (smooth surfaces work best) I made with the food color pens! Now, I am not a food crafter, but I can know I will definitely be using this machine once in awhile for birthdays, etc. So FUN!


I used my Silhouette Cameo machine to cut out the mask for this flower using THIS design from the Silhouette Cameo store. I simply hid the sections for each color so I could spray the leaves by them selves, the flower, and then the entire flower (so I could cover it and do the blue background).





A simple heart on a cupcake for Valentine’s Day.


Or use your Silhouette Cameo machine to trace a logo or custom image. I used light blue for the entire logo and then gave the appearance of a darker blue around the edges, by misting the edges with a purple food marker.



You can even add color to the white writing of a premade cake from the bakery.



These cupcakes get a rainbow effect. The HSN letters a sprayed onto Necco candy wafers. using a letter mask created on my Cameo machine.




Here is the same idea using Valentine colors of pink and red. Again, the hearts were sprayed onto Necco Candy Wafers using the negative shape of a heart cut in cardstock as a mask (punches are perfectly sized for this).




I hope you enjoyed seeing what you can make using the NEW eBrush from Craftwell. Be sure to watch Lisa on HSN this Wednesday for a live demonstration of this fun machine!


Oh, My! What Big Ears You Have?!

Last weekend we not only celebrated we not only celebrated Mother’s Day, but we also celebrated my youngest daughter’s birthday. 🙂 Her real birthday is actually in July, but because of Independence Day, most of her friends are usually out of town or have family plans. This year we decided to avoid the conflicts and have her birthday party before school gets out. She wanted to have a picnic for her birthday party, so I asked her if she wanted to do a Teddy Bear Picnic or something along the lines of a fairytale. She decided to go with Little Red Riding Hood and I was thrilled! I have always loved fairytales and especially Little Red Riding Hood. The wheels starting spinning and we started planning … if there is anything I love as much as scrapbooking it is putting together themed birthday parties. Love it, love it, LOVE it!!! Here is a quick look at all of the fun we had.


I was so lucky to find baskets at the dollar store, along with gingham printed napkins. I used the print-and-cut feature on my Cameo machine to cut out Lil’ Red Riding Hood shaped tags for each basket using the “More Happily Ever After” artwork by Lettering Delights. (The wolf can be found in the Villians and Sidekicks set HERE.) I also decided to sew each girl a Red Riding Hood out of felt. THANK YOU JoAnn’s for such great coupons! Each hood only cost me a couple of dollars and I used a free pattern I found online from HERE. If you are my mom or sister reading this, you are probably in complete SHOCK that I decided to sew. I hate sewing fabric … infact, I haven’t touched a sewing machine since 8th grade (well, except for to stitch on my layouts). It was actually FUN! I liked challenging myself to do something out of my norm. And because felt doesn’t fray and didn’t need a lot of hemming, I couldn’t mess it up too badly, right?! 🙂

I wasn’t sure if the girls even knew the Little Red Riding Hood story, so we started the party by watching this cute lil’ story video I found online. I was worried that it might be a little too “slow” for them, but they were glued! They were so quiet, just soaking it all in and it set the tone for the rest of the party perfectly. (I love when little kids get into pretending. 😀 )

The girls got to pack their own picnic and then ventured out into the backyard to find the best picnic spot. They looked so cute sitting there on the blankets … they kept looking around nervously wondering if the Big Bad Wolf would come. 🙂 Big Sister dressed up in a long black cloak and decided to sneak around to surprise them. They saw her the entire time, but the anticipation made them squeal like crazy.

The girls also made a stuffed animal friend. We found a great company here in Utah called Kozy Creation that will actually come to your house with a machine and do it all in the comfort of your living room. Kami and Andrew are AMAZING! This is the second time we have used them … Maryn had a pretend sleepover party a few months ago and she and her friends got to make a furry friend to cuddle with. If you are in Utah, be sure to check Kozy Creation out. 🙂


The girls played more games outside (Pick a Bouquet for Grandma and Colored Eggs, or in this case “Colored Cookies”), sang to Camryn, gobbled up red velvet cupcakes, and opened presents. It was so much fun!


Mother’s Day was just as fun! Here is a Mother’s Day card that I made my Mother-In-Law using leftover bits from the April 2013 Scraptastic Club Kit, “Awake My Soul” along with a sentiment and flowers from my stash. We went to church in the morning, the kids showered me with cards and presents (new cookie sheets, a cookbook, new seat cushions for my outdoor table, and lots of pretty handmade cards), and made me lunch. I got to take a long nap and then they made me dinner before going to visit my In-Laws that night. It was relaxing and perfect!

I know this post is a few days overdue, but thanks for letting me share last weekend’s festivities with you. It took me a few days to recuperate and get back into the swing of things. 🙂 I’ll be back tomorrow with a couple of layout shares. Hope to see you then!